Blonde Female Preferred by Male

Blonde hair caused by a variant in a gene called melanocortin 1 receptor is present in forty percent of the population in Scandinavia and around two percent in the world, and millions of others who deliberately paint so.

Modern humans, especially in western countries, are attracted to blonde women for the same reason with the ancestors: more prominent. Naturally, the human eye is attracted to light and bright colors. So, clearly, blonde hair is more fishing care.

Blonde hair is also suggested with youthful and fertile, but the western media associate it with feminine, sexy, free, seductive, and fun. Magazines are displaying female Caucasians on the cover in the composition: sixty-eight percent is brown hair, twenty-seven percent is natural or artificial blonde, and five percent is red.

The sale of each edition isn't known, but displaying blonde women in a cover is clearly a way to lure. As shown in the results of dating services on the internet in a period, twelve thousand men expect a blonde girlfriend.

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