Wet Fuck

When you think about sex, the words: wet, slippery, and warm will be ringing in your head, especially intercourse involving water. However, having sex in the water isn't as easy as jumping into a swimming pool.

In fact, having sex in the water is pretty dangerous, especially for women.

Here're some ways to reach a wetly and hotly sexual activity without having to dive into the water:

1. Safe sex

Although having sex in the water is fun, you'd still do it safely. If you're planning to do so using a condom, the result isn't the same as going over the bed. Remember, hot water and chemicals, kind of chlorine, greatly affect durability of condoms. Hot water and chlorine can rip the condom, so the protective latex can't protect you to the fullest.

Another issue is, the possibility of release of a condom is terrific. It's not only terrible but also makes awkward to everyone involved. Instead, you set up a backup condom.

2. Keep wet

Maybe, you think, having sex in water would provide more lubrication. The fact isn't so. Water will actually get rid of the natural lubrication of the female body which results in sexual intercourse uncomfortable again. The best way is to use silicone-based lubricants insoluble in water and gonna make penetration more comfortable for you both.

3. Ready to get wet

As soon as the condom and and the lubricant are in your hands, it means, you're ready. Now, where'll you mingle with the involvement of water?

a. Swimming pool

Don't do this one activity at a public pool. Make love in your own private pool. The problem is, chlorinated water will enter and exit the body of a female partner. Therefore, an alternative that can be selected is performing oral sex.

Ask your female partner sitting on the edge of the pool or on the ladder while you're standing in the water, or vice versa.

b. Bathtub, shower

If your bathtub is small, it'd be difficult to fuck with the man-on-top position. Shower is a good place to have sex in a standing way. For safety purposes, choose a non-slip flooring for your bathroom with shower. Installing handle pipe on bathroom walls can also be a crutch when you have sex.

c. In open

The place that can be a choice is a lake or beach, but remember, these are forbidden for sexual intercourse. If you select it, you'd be careful. Brine is clearly not a good friend to the vagina. In addition, the fine sand is the worst part of the lake or sea water.

The best way is, of course, to move from the lake and the sea toward dry land. Unroll a towel or sheet large enough then make love.

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