Scheduled Sex

The quality of marital relations is more important rather than the quantity or the number of times of intercourse. To achieve a good quality of sexual relations, do sex in the morning.

When you love someone, the whole life will you give to your spouse, including your body. If you have sex at night before bed, energy has been much depleted, so it's not as prima as in the morning.

Frequency isn't important. Having sexual intercourse once a week, when qualified, is enough. Often having sex, but if your partner isn't satisfied, of course, on the whole, even makes a bad temper.

For a busy couple working all day, also who already have children, making the schedule of one day in a week for sex will undoubtedly get a surprise. It's believed that sex is the spontaneity. However, when just waiting for spontaneity, it'll not come.

If it's scheduled or planned, spontaneity and surprise will appear. There comes a time to give and receive.

Myth states, when making love, you and your partner should be able to give and receive pleasure at the same overall. The fact is difficult. Just enjoy it while receiving stimulation from your partner. Instead, give stimulation when your partner enjoys it.

Equally important is communication in lovemaking. Some people believe that the sex is an instinct case. If your partner moans with pleasure, it means, he or she is satisfied. Though, such communication is often misperceived.

Why don't you talk directly to your partner? Ask which part is bad, stimulated, or touchy, or whether you should be harder, faster, or slower.

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