Satisfying Sex Not Forcing

Believe it or not, sexual intercourse, indeed, can be a burden and a source of stressors. This can happen. If every time, a person wants to have sex, negative feelings arise, such as not able to satisfy your partner, fearing of getting pregnant again, and so on.

Mistaken views about sex are including in causes of declining quality of sexual relationships.

Unavailability of adequate information about sex also contribute to cause a lot of misunderstanding in the community, especially between couple. In addition to knowledge, sex also requires a bit of courage. You see, a variety of negative feelings as mentioned above would further lower the person's potential in intercourse.

Conversely, if a positive attitude is fostered before intercourse, the quality of the relationship is going well, so that it can satisfy yourself and your partner.

The satisfying sex must understand what the partner wants. Never force. In addressing disharmony in sexual intercourse, what needs to be considered is to identify the partner. Each one must understand oneself and one's partner, either sexual organs, function, habits, or erotic zone of each partner.

The health conditions are including that need attention. Never have sexual intercourse in sick and unfit conditions. Sexual intercourse is a high energy-consuming activity. If you're not in a good shape, it can lead to the emergence of other severer complaints.

Many young couples can't wait to have sex, especially men more easily aroused and reaching orgasm. The women, because they fear of blame for refusing the husband's invite, often tend to succumb. Such conditions don't favor a good sexual relationship.

Sex, so, is just an obligation to serve her husband, just a marriage complementary.

Sexual relationship will work well and satisfy inner and outer when done with the readiness of both parties. The wife may be refused if she's not ready. Instead, the husband shouldn't be selfish and can demonstrate tact.

Choosing the time, technique, and variations in sexual intercourse appropriate to the circumstances and conditions is also noteworthy. This is where the importance of a good knowledge of sex and communication with a partner in order to have sexual intercourse goodly, truly, and satisfactorily to both parties.

The right time is very important although it's not necessary to specify particular schedules. When both are equally ready, guaranteed is an enjoyment.

Variations of technique, position, or how to have sex aren't a taboo. This would eliminate the boredom in sexual intercourse. However, you'd not do the technique or variation that actually causes pain or an unwanted tension.

The choice of style should be adapted with capabilities of yours and partner's, not detrimental to health, either physically, mentally, or emotionally. Sexual intercourse will be a source of contention because of disagreement in trying new techniques.

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