Red Eye, Misguided Victims

Misery loves company. Already stricken with red eye, be shunned by friends anyway. Despite wearing sunglasses ala blind masseur, still, no co-workers wanna close.

They're afraid to look at your eyes. You're vain to explain that the red eye can't be transmitted only through the view.

Red eye caused by a virus is very contagious. However, the process of transmission isn't through looking at each other. The transfer of the virus occurs through the media that previously contact with the eyes, such as glasses, handkerchiefs, towels, or contact lenses.

The easiest way, of course, is through the fingers that have been contaminated by the virus from the eye. That's why, people often dealing with public goods every day are high-risk to transmit.

Why's red eye virus easily infecting? It's because of the media before transmitting. It could be scattered in various places, even perched at the crowd from the terminal, school, college, to the supermarket. In other words, what you have to be aware of the disease often called inflamed pinguecula is a very diverse transmission media.

So, don't be afraid to make eye contact with the patient.

Red eye is actually a layman's term for conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the thin membrane on the white of the eye and eyelid. When exposed to infection, delicate blood vessels in the conjunctiva is to swell, so that the eye turns red.

When a virus attacks the victim whose weak physical condition, the infection becomes more dangerous because it can be ridden by germs. Red eye is so swollen and accompanied by pain in the eyeball. At the same time, eye junk production, AKA rheum, continues to grow.

In addition to irritation and infection, enlarged capillaries may also occur as a result of the entry of foreign matters, such as dust, dirt, air pollution, cigarette smoke, less precise use of contact lenses, chemicals, glaucoma, eye allergies, to inflammation of the curtain.

Red eye due to infection is commonly accompanied by fever and increasing rheum. Non-infectious red eye isn't accompanied by the symptoms. However, the eye will be seen as red.

If it's purely due to a virus, red eye quite overcomes by resting at home. Typically, after three days, it'll be healed by itself because the tears, naturally, already contain antiseptic. However, if within three days, eyes are getting sick, red, and painful, immediately go to the doctor so that the complaints can be detected as early as possible.

In addition to guard against infection, proper eye care will make us avoid the attack of the red eye and rheum. Bikers, for example, are including in the group that must be diligent to wear eye protection. Wind, dust, and sunlight can damage the health of the eye.

Any protective eye-wear is required for factory workers, glass blowers, welders, to iron casters.

To clean the eyes, you simply use clean or drilling water. Don't believe in the myth of betel water often mentioned and already known in the certain community as the best eye cleanser. Drilling water isn't recommended for routine use.

If you just get smth in the eye, whether conceded by sand, eyelashes, or dust, it's not to be washed with drilling water. Using clean water is sufficient.

What about the red eyes often experienced by people who've just finished a swim? Oh, it's not because of intruding germs but chlorine in the pool. However, don't worry, chlorine or soap contains antiseptic that actually protects the eye from the virus attacks.

After swimming, the red color will be white again by itself.

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