Procreation, Institution, Recreation

How to maintain intimacy is to understand the dimensions of the sexual relationship: procreation, institution, and recreation.

Having sex for procreation needs a relaxed condition. When tense or having a demand, it'll affect the quality of sexual relationships. As a result, not only can't sexual pleasure be obtained, but the offspring also doesn't come.

That's an evidence that the atmosphere and tension can affect the quality of sexual intercourse.

Meanwhile, the dimension of recreation in sex is to have fun and enjoyment. Unfortunately, the dimension of recreation is often misinterpreted, so that sex is only seen as merely fun activities without any element of responsibility of the couples that do it, such as free sex and sex outside marriage just looking for fun.

It doesn't mean that dimension of recreation isn't important. When you're matched in sexual activities, including your emotions, in addition to fun, it can also perpetuate marriage. A sexually matching couple feels sensation of pleasure in intercourse which the level isn't the same when done with someone else.

For example, you can reach orgasm many times just with your husband because he understands well how to satisfy you.

However, achieving sexual compatibility takes the process. Only communication isn't enough. There needs a commitment for you to accept and understand each condition. Moreover, to matters of sex, men tend to have a high demand, aka more active and aggressive, while on the wife, if she already has children, the desire for sexual intercourse begin to decrease.

You'd not only be upset if your sexual desire isn't fulfilled. You just have to understand and help your wife in order to remain alive.

The decreased sexual desire in woman who's had children is caused by her biological circumstances that have changed, such as hormone that's begun to fall. Some women often feel less confident because the female organs and her body aren't what they used to be.

For that, you must support, such as helping your wife beautify herself, and do care or treatment to recover her body. Meanwhile, the wife should understand her husband well. You'd have an intention and attention, also a support. Husband's sexual need, actually it's yours too, should also be served.

If your sex organs aren't ready after giving birth, you'd use variations and other means. Oral sex or intercourse without penetration can be tried, and all needs an effort.

Some women don't like oral sex. That's why you'd give understanding to your wife. It can be an inducement or seduction. Women will usually understand and yield to the persuasion and seduction that include parts of the foreplay. If your wife is being scolded, you'll get nothing later.

Understanding is needed in sexual intercourse. When your partner is tired, let rest. A woman generally will be easy to have sex when she's in the mood. Stress and your abuse will fade her sex desire. So, compassion, love, and romance should always be nurtured so that marriage and your partner's sexual life make you happy.

For elderly couple, dimension of procreation obviously has passed, then there's no harm to glance in dimensions of relation and recreation. Dimension of relation aims at building body and soul relationships better.

A quality sexual intercourse that lasts until old age actually nourishes body and soul, plus improves work productivity. It's too bad if sexual intercourse for elderly couples is only considered as a complementary. You're shamed because the kids have grown up, so sex isn't needed anymore. Though, it's not so.

The next dimension, institution in the marital relationship, is to establish and strengthen the marriage, and protect conjugal life. Sexual relationship of husband and wife is the expression of affection of two beings who love each other.

It's performed because you both like it. There's no coercion. It's protected by the institution of marriage. If sexual intercourse is done consciously to support this dimension, the marriage wall is definitely more solid.

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