Men Want Bigger Penis

Classic problem is apparently and never comes to the realization. Then develop the drug industry and the vital organ enlargement services.

Too many theories show that size doesn't matter. The important is the game. People also understand that the most sensitive part of a woman's vagina doesn't require a stab of a big and fat penis.

In fact, the nerves in the vagina are limited to a depth of eight to nine centimeters only, but what a man!

The man's thought on his organ is more based on the myth of masculinity than as a function of sex. Penis is the status. The penis is a self-esteem and prestige. The bigger he is, the more powerful it's for reproduction.

How on the woman? Only six percent of women who consider their partner's penis is small, and only fourteen percent who expect their partner's penis is bigger. Once again, the rebuttal is presented.

So, are you still obsessed with large penis?

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