Men Love Big-Breasted Women

There's no definitive answer to the question why a big-breasted female is sexy, but all theories connect it with fertility, and that's why, men instinctively approach.

Freudian psychologists added, it'd to do with the male instinct to get closer to the mother, as explained in the Oedipus complex, though not all men experienced it.

However, anthropological theory believed it as an important role of women in the lives. They keep a reserve food and nutrition for the next generation.

Big breasts may be a sign of high fertility. This explanation seems to underlie the understanding of men. The bigger the breasts are, the better the quality of women are.

Presumably, women also know it, understand that men have a notion so. Then, as time advances, the world is giving women the opportunity to enlarge their breasts. The presumption of men increasingly finds justification.

Well, for men, understand that if there's a woman to diet and wanna be thin, it applies to other parts of the body, not her breasts.

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