Gargle Not Every Day

Cleaning up your teeth and mouth, also antiseptic gargling, is good for health. However, it may be rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash to combat bad breath, but there're limits, not every day and constantly.

The oral ecosystem needs balance. In the mouth, in addition to bad bacteria, there're also good. In saliva itself, there's an antiseptic that keeps the ecosystem balance in the mouth.

Flushed with mouthwash continuously, mouth will feel dry. Saliva production is decreased and resulting the ecosystem in the mouth becomes unbalanced. Good bacteria already die. It might actually happen other complaints, e.g., irritation.

Indeed, saliva in the mouth naturally serves as a cleanser. However, with modern food, the natural cleaning is no longer able to function optimally. It needs support from toothbrush as a tool for cleaning the teeth and gargling.

The other cleansers are vegetables and fruits. Eating vegetables and fruit regularly is believed to be one right way to prevent dental disorders. Fiber and water in vegetables and fruits will also help the self-cleansing process of teeth.

However, the process can only remove food debris while plaque is still attached to the tooth surface. Brushing and flossing can be done to finish.

Eating fruits, like oranges or apples, can evict temporarily bad breath. So, if bad breath doesn't support you, eat only the fruits. However, if it continues, you're still to be checked out.

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