Educate Children Independent

Courage and self-reliance can be formed since childhood.

Try the following tips:

1. Build confidence in your children from an early age. Give lots of love and attention.

2. Give positive reinforcement whenever they succeed. Never make your children feel like a failure when they're unable to do anything. It's just gonna stop them from trying to do it again.

3. Push them to engage a wide range of activities. The more stimulation and opportunity to develop their new capabilities are, the more likely your children become confident in doing things.

4. Push them to perform a wide variety of games, either alone or with other children.

5. Get them socializing, visiting public places, and making a social call in order to increase their knowledge and experience.

6. Let them once in a while to make their own decisions, such as choosing a dress that'll be worn.

7. Let them do everything themselves even though at first, they make a mistake.

8. When playing with your children, avoid being dominant and always to lead. Play to follow their movement, and let them be giving an example.

9. Involve your children in an adult conversation. However, avoid talk of things they don't understand.

10. Every now and then, you need deliberately to make a stupid mistake, such as writing with a pencil upside down or emptying the cans still closed. Allow your children to correct the mistake.

11. Push them to express feelings and ideas.

12. Ask for pardon if you're being unfair to them.

13. If your children are shy, encourage them to join a small group. However, they're not forced.

14. Be interested in the activities of your children, and when necessary, help them. However, avoid taking over or interfering.

15. Let your children help with homework despite the fact, they have more to disrupt you. Imitating adults is an important part of growing independence.

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