Canker Sores Not Because of Lack of Vitamin C

Some people have canker sores almost every day. Their lips are swollen. Eating becomes uncomfortable. Various ways have been done but not improved as well.

Canker sore is an injury to the soft tissue in the mouth. It can be on the tongue, lips, gums, and inner cheeks. Canker sore is usually a singly or multiply small ulcer shaped in white spots with a red edge.

Canker sore is harmless but annoying, especially when eating, drinking, and talking.

Actually, canker sores can be prevented in order not to become enlarged and painful. How? When the new canker sores begin to emerge, immediately treat. Avoid salty, spicy, sore, and hard foods.

Canker sores may arise from lack of caution when brushing your teeth or eating, so that there's a part of the cheek, tongue, lips, or gums injured. In addition, a poorly oral health can also lead to canker sores. Brush your teeth at least twice a day.

So far, many researches had been done to find the cause of canker sores. However, the original cause hadn't been discovered. Experts predicted stress, anxiety, food allergies, symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, or vitamin deficiency causing growth of canker sores.

The assumption that the canker sore is caused by lack of vitamin C hasn't been proven. Those sensitive to vitamin C lozenges, instead, are exposed to canker sores.

Canker sores usually last for ten to fourteen days and are more common in women than men.

To overcome canker sores without medication, pay attention to oral health. After every meal and before bed, gargle with salt water. When canker sores attack, avoid eating spicy, salty, and hard foods.

In our society, canker sores considered as a common disease are often treated with simple ingredients, like betel leaves which contain essential oils that kill germs and have the quality of astringents.

Take two pieces of betel leaves and wash clean. Chew betel leaves until blended and let sit for a while on a place exposed to canker sores. After that, remove the dregs of betel leaves.

You can also gargle with Indian borages. Grab seven pieces of Indian borages and wash thoroughly. Chew up the liquid on the canker sores. Allow a few moments and discard the waste.

You can also gargle with antiseptic mouthwash. It's efficacious to kill bacteria in the mouth. Note the description of its use.

In addition, to reduce pain, smear canker sores with free drugs, like benzocaine containing local anesthetic.

If there're many canker sores, or you feel very ill, see your doctor or dentist. They'll give a corticosteroid cream, like triamcinolone. The drug is applied topically in the mouth. It's efficacious to cover the wound, so that you don't feel pain and heal faster.

You'll also be given an antibacterial mouthwash containing povidone-iodine or hexetidine.

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