Babies Needn't Powder, Oil

Does your baby need powder? The answer is, it can be a yes or no. If the purpose is to make the baby's body fragrant, dry the sweat, and wipe bladder, the powder shouldn't be rubbed.

In the tropics, your baby tends to be more sweating. If you apply powder on the body, compound will occur between powder with sweat. In fact, a mixture of both is a good medium for the breeding of germs on the skin surface, especially in covered parts of the body, such as folds of the neck, armpits, or groins.

In addition, a mixture of water and powder will cover the pores of a very delicate baby skin. In fact, it could also clog the skin respiratory and sweat gland tract when rubbed too thick. Another problem that can arise is causing more miliaria and rashes on the skin surface.

To clean the baby, actually, just use water then wipe until it's completely dry. It's quite like that without being embellished with powder or other oils. Powder should only be used to prevent scratches of dry skin.

However, dry skin is rare in the tropics, given enough moisture in the air and the skin tending to be wet. It's unlike in the four-seasons countries that have a lower humidity.

If you want also to wear powder, you preferably dab a thin layer on the skin surface. The trick is, sprinkle a little powder on your hands then apply a thin layer on the body, especially on easily scratched parts.

What about the various oils or creams?

Oil materials, such as telon and cajuput, are often rubbed with reasons to prevent colds and warm the baby's body. In fact, oil materials, especially baby oil and cream, more severely impact in terms of clogging the pores of the skin and sweat gland channels.

Therefore should the oil products not be rubbed on your baby's skin. In addition to clog pores, oil materials, such as telon and cajuput, can cause irritation to your baby's skin. As a result, often, the skin becomes dry like burning and scaly.

If the reason is to keep warm, just wear clothes for your baby. Not less importantly, embrace your baby. In addition to warmth, the emotional bond is closer between you and your baby.

How's it? It's easy and cheap, isn't it?

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