Prevent Gray with Papaya

Who doesn't know papaya? This plant grows in the lowlands to an altitude of one thousand meters above sea level. Papaya plants like soil rich in organic matters, not the flooded place.

Characteristic of this tree is the unbranched trunk. The leaves are collected at the end of the rod forming fingers. The fruit often consumed as a dessert is round to elongated depending on the species, generally green when young and yellowish to orange when ripe.

In addition to fruit, papaya leaves are also used to dish or as a meat tenderizer because of the papain. As a medicinal plant, papaya can be used to treat several diseases or disorders:

1. Skin blistered from heat

Notch or cut papaya fruit skin. Collect the sap and rub onto the blistered skin. Leave it for a day and night. If the blister is quite broad, papaya fruit can be shredded, and the flesh is attached.

2. Malaria, fever

Pluck young papaya leaves and pound up into a half glass. Add three-quarter cup of water and a little salt. Squeeze the mixture and strain. This fluid is taken three times a day with the same dose. Do it five days in a row.

3. Bitten by venomous snake

Take five fingers of papaya roots. Clean and mash until smooth. Stick it on the affected part and bind. Replace twice a day.

4. Prematurely gray

Take 30 papaya seeds and roast then mash until smooth. Combine with one tablespoon of coconut oil. Rub on the gray scalp.

5. Giant roundworm

Provide two tablespoons of papaya seeds. Mill finely and brew with a half cup of hot water then add one tablespoon of honey and drink slowly.

6. Difficulty urinating due to too much eating dog fruit

A half stalk of papaya leaf plus 10 yardlong beans and six stalks of cassava leaves are washed. Mash the ingredients until smooth then add a half cup of cooking water and knead. Add one tablespoon of honey. Squeeze and filter. This solution is taken once to twice a day.

Papaya can also reliable to digestive problems, stomach ulcer, thrush, and stimulating appetites, simply by eating fresh fruit on a regular basis.

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