Pain Only in Office

Do you frequently get a headache, fatigue, and aches all over the body that arise only while in office? Do you experience a sense of pain in the eyes, the bloated stomach, runny nose, itchy throat, difficulty in concentrating, skin that feels dry, and a cough that won't go away?

Perhaps, you're hit by the sick building syndrome (SBS).

In big cities are now standing the skyscrapers. Each building is competing the grandeur. However, behind this grandeur, the occupants of high-rise buildings often experience symptoms as mentioned earlier. The employees aren't aware that they're affected the SBS.

The health condition of the employees is declined because, of the longer period of time, they're in the sick building. They're thought to suffer the common cold, or anyone thinks, it's stress because of a lot of work.

Actually, SBS and flu are easily distinguished. SBS, typically, only arises when the employees are in the building. The symptoms persist at least two weeks, but when they're out of the building, the symptoms are disappeared.

When this happens, this is called the SBS.

SBS does only occur when employees are in the office because of a poor circulation system of the building. It can be caused by air temperature inside the too cold building, between twenty to twenty-three degrees Celsius.

This temperature makes harmful bacteria, such as chlamydia, escherichia, and legionella, partying. The bacteria go into the airway while employees are breathing. As a result, employees are experiencing a cold.

Indoor air contamination by chemicals produced by certain building materials, such as asbestos, room partitions, wallpaper, office furniture, cleaning products, air fresheners, as well as copier waste, is also a cause of SBS.

All of the contaminants can be free radicals and trigger the formation in the body. When these free radicals are into the body, there arise a variety of health problems that'll decrease work productivity.

Building owners actually play a role in preventing SBS to ensure good ventilation. They should do well building maintenance at regular intervals so that the indoor air quality remains good.

For those of you in the building, get yourself several times a day to walk out of the office for a breath of fresh air.

Equally important are the efforts to counteract the free radicals by eating food sources of antioxidants. Natural food sources of antioxidants are fruits and vegetables. By always including fruits and vegetables at every meal, the body has enough antioxidants to ward off free radicals that come from this building of the pain.

Various symptoms due to SBS are disappeared. Productivity is back smoothly.

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