Not Allergic with Female Boss

It's not the time looking at bosses based on the sex. It's undeniable, there's a little difference in tendencies of men and women addressing working condition.

Woman tends to believe that people will know by themselves the task has she done well and appreciate the work result while a man thinks that he has to announce the achievement.

Woman tends to solve problems in groups while a man prefers his own. Woman tends to be friendly and appreciate good relationship in workplaces while a man thinks that too much socializing is an unprofessional attitude and wastes time.

To split the difference, to avoid arrogant impression, receive credit for accomplishments with humility. When a co-worker needs help, don't be reluctant to offer ways out, and when you face problems, don't hesitate to consult colleagues or bosses.

Let your personality shine through short but pleasant meeting. Social time is nothing bad. You'll look open but serious.

In workplaces, woman's emotional quotient is higher than man's in terms of empathy and assuming social responsibility, listening complaints of co-workers and customers smartly, and reading moods goodly to gain trusts easier.

It's true, no longer is the time comparing female and male boss, yet in this patriarchal life, it's not easy to dispel the thought.

Not surprisingly, woman's professionalism is embodied by the ability to communicate, and this skill neutralizes negative effect against respect attitude and fear of her subordinate. Woman's leadership effectiveness can be demonstrated by her subordinate's intention working in accordance with the superior's direction. Female boss's ability to communicate is also able to melt woman's stubbornness.

So, whatever their genders are, they're your bosses.

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