Misunderstand about Masculinity

Machismo term is very popular in our society. However, what's machismo meant exactly? Although diverse, appeared answer is still related to male sex organ.

There're some contentions about the word. Some misidentify as men's ability to have sex. Others may interpret it as ability to impregnate their wives.

In fact, ability to have sex isn't always the same as impregnating their wives. It could be, man is capable of having sexual intercourse goodly and satisfyingly but not able to impregnate his wife because of the impaired fertility.

Conversely, it could be, man is able to impregnate his wife but unable to have sexual intercourse goodly so the wife doesn't feel sexual satisfaction.

From the fact, it can be seen the difference between sexual function with male reproductive. Sexual function demonstrates ability to perform sexual intercourse whereas reproductive is associated with fertility to impregnate.

However, sexual and reproductive functions do have a very close relationship, even partially it's carried out by the same organ.

For example, penis more functions sexually than reproductively although sperm is also released. Testes have reproductive function because it's produced sperm cell. However, testes also have sexual function because it's produced testosterone that plays a role for development and maintains sexual encouragement.

Many people think, if you're able to do sexual intercourse goodly, moreover if it's done frequently, you're certainly capable of impregnating anyway. Conversely, man who experiences sexual dysfunction is considered also to have impaired fertility and unable to impregnate his wife.

In fact, it's not so.

Man may have stronger sex drive as well as erectile function, but his sperm is disturbed so that the fertilization is less and unable to impregnate. Man may experience erectile dysfunction so he can't have sexual intercourse goodly and satisfy his wife, but the fertility is good to impregnate.

Man's impaired sexual function, basically, can be caused by physical or psychological factor. Sperm disorder, the impaired fertility, is always caused by physical factor although the prolonged psychological barrier can also interfere with sperm production.

Sexual dysfunction cause doesn't inevitably lead to fertility problem. Instead, impaired sperm cause doesn't inevitably lead to sexual dysfunction. For example, diabetes easily and often leads to erectile dysfunction but doesn't cause sperm interference. Instead, varicocele easily and often results in impaired sperm, even it can lead men to become completely infertile, but the erection function is normal.

Excessive smoking for a long time, besides it can lead to impaired sperm, also leads to erectile dysfunction. Thus, it's appropriate to include smoking hazard warning on every pack of cigarettes. The smoker should know the warning and be prepared to accept the worst consequence they may face.

One more example is gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease. From the disease, sperm can be disrupted so that fertility is impaired, but sexual function remains good, even many husbands transmit through intercourse with their wives.

So, clearly, ability to perform sexual intercourse isn't the same as impregnating. Then, what's meant by manliness? Yes, just select. It's up to you whether it refers to sexual ability or impregnating, or both.

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