Keep, Maintain Your Emotions

Uncontrollable emotion is very detrimental and draining. For some people, emotion face like a devil that should be shunned is translated as the outburst feeling or matchless anger, an interpretation actually erroneous because it's not identical with a grump.

In everyday life, emotion is indeed like a suffering complement. As the explosive feeling, emotion is often oversimplified the meaning as excessively expressed anger.

In other words, emotion is always associated with a grump, sometimes with high intensity. That's why, it's better held and muted so not making other people hurt.

Emotion is also considered as opposed to a ratio heralded as a process and outcome of activities. Ratio, the cognition, involves considerations of reasons and consciousness while process and activity of emotion are more dominated by unconscious element.

Positive emotion needs to maintain and develop. In contrast, negative emotion that can bring feelings of displeasure, discomforts, and stress should be avoided or minimized. How?

Try some of the following suggestions:

Avoid events or stimuli that, in your experiences, have potentials to cause negative emotion, such as meeting with someone or something that can foster resentment. If there's still a chance, it'd be avoided.

If it's unavoidable, do reassessments of events being experienced so that negative feeling decreases in intensity. For example, if you're angry at someone because his performance is slow, you can think again that he may be a person who normally doesn't work quickly because he has limitations. So, it's useless to scold him.

If the above two suggestions have been trying to do but not too successful, the very urgent negative emotion will encourage you to do something. Well, to be safe, just vent the blows, certainly not to the problematic person but other items safe to hit.

Awareness of results of an emotional expression, especially those having damaging effects, may be able to help you controlling anger. Review assessment process of events that make you have negative emotion. If it's successful, this awareness can prevent adverse effect that may occur.

It's not easy to regulate emotion expression or control anger. For that, get used to foster positive feelings, such as happiness and excitement. Perhaps, it can help to avoid the appearance of negative feelings, such as sadness, anger, and anxiety.

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