Hair Loss for Not Getting Food

Hair is the crown. You're gonna feel pretty when having a shiny and heavy hair. When this crown is starting to fade because it falls out, surely, you'd be worried.

However, you don't have to worry if the amount of everyday hair loss is only about twenty to fifty strands because there's a lot of hairs on your head, approximately one to two hundred thousand pieces.

The hair loss is common. It's a part of hair cycle: growing, breaking, and falling. Normally, hair grows and falls out not simultaneously but one after another. When follicles are still healthy, hair that falls out will be replaced by the new.

Some causes of hair loss:

1. Shampooing

When shampooing, sometimes, you're often scratching the scalp too excitedly. It turns out that the habit could injure the scalp so the hair root is damaged. Similarly is when combing the hair agitatedly.

2. Stress

Physical and psychological tension due to stress will cause hair that should grow is so lazy. Once the stress is resolved, usually, hair will grow back normally.

3. Fever

A high fever, also, often leads to hair loss. When getting a high fever, the body's energy is directed to reduce it so that the supply to the head is paused. So is the case with the birth mother. Nearly all energies are directed to push the baby out of the womb so the supply to the head is neglected.

Similarly is when undergoing surgery. Certain diseases also lead to hair loss, such as rheumatoid arthritis, infections, and thyroid disorders.

4. Diet

Many people go through a very strict diet when having an intention to lose weight and lower cholesterol levels. Usually, the food is restricted in calories and protein so that the hair roots miss meals.

5. Medications

Take certain medications, such as birth control pills.

6. Genetic factors

Myths about hair loss:

1. Frequent shampooing makes hair dry, fall

It's not true! It's okay to frequency as long as using shampoo that suits your hair type. Hair won't dry or fall out, but yes, it seems not to be frequently shampooing too. Three times a week is enough.

2. Use lots of shampoo to let clean, healthy

It seems not necessary to be wasteful as it is. Use shampoo to taste. Add a little water. If shampoo meets throughout the hair and scalp, it means, it's enough to clean the dirt.

3. Sleeping with wet hair makes scalp fungous

Fungus is caused by poor scalp health and unhygienic hair styling tools.

4. Often having hair cut makes hair so thick, long fast

It's not really. Hair has its own cycle of growth, rest, and fall. Also, the number of follicles remains. However, short haircut will make it look more.

5. Combing wet hair causes hair loss

Indeed, wet hair is in a state of the most fragile condition which easily falls out. After shampooing, you'd dry the hair first with a towel until no water is dripping then comb.

6. Hair loss because of frequent sunbathing

If it's too long or often under the sun, eventually, the hair roots will be damaged so that the impact is on hair loss.

7. Hair often tied, braided, bunned quickly falls

You're right! Tying, binding, and bunning up tight in a long time makes hair so stress so it's at a loss, but usually, it's only temporary.

8. Brushing can make hair fall out

When the hair is in good health, brushing won't result in loss, but when it's going through an extreme period, it'll speed up.

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