Guide Women towards Orgasms

Unlike men, woman needs a lot of prerequisites and requirements that her sexual intercourse leads to orgasms. This is where a male partner takes on the role.

Sexual function is one factor that plays an important role in marital life. Other factors that come into play are love feeling, tolerance, finance, education, culture, adhered value, and religion appreciation.

Functioning optimally or not the sexual intercourse in a marriage can affect other functions then influence married couples' life quality.

In marriages, sexual function can serve as means of procreation, recreations, communications, and, of course, as expression form of love and affections to your partner. As an exercise, sexual intercourse can also relieve stress and improve moods and self-esteem.

For men, frequency or quantity of an intercourse is more important while a comfort or quality of sex is more meaningful to women.

Due to women the sexual intercourse quality is more important, the orgasm achievement has a meaning. However, orgasm, the sexual response peak, isn't always able to experience or achieve in any sexual intercourse.

When this happens, it means that a woman has a condition known as orgasm disorder, difficult or impossible to achieve. The disorder is present although there's been the adequate sexual stimulation and reached arousal phase.

As the result, woman who experiences it will feel stress.

What condition can facilitate the orgasm achievement in women? There're several factors that support that an orgasm can be achieved by women, among others:

1. Partner

He must be really liked and loved.

2. Romantic atmosphere

It must be experienced before and during sexual intercourse. To achieve this atmosphere, a few hours before, even a few days, partner can provide gentle words flattering and leading to romanticness.

3. Comfortable environment

The bedroom is quiet and comfortable. The dim light and the soft music can help to create comfortable atmosphere in bedrooms.

4. Wanted, appreciated feeling

This feeling is indispensable to women. From behavior and body language, it can be known whether a husband or her partner really wants or pleases her.

5. Stimulating

Male partner understands how to stimulate certain areas that make his female horny. It depends on each individual. To find it, he can ask and discuss with the woman or wife. He should also not do stimulation in areas not liked by his partner.

6. Good flow of natural lubrication

Woman would be more comfortable if she can experience natural lubrication, but when it's not able, such as during menopause, this can be overcome by synthetic lubricant administration, such as jelly, with various existing brands.

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