Ease of Equal Orgasm

Orgasm is a pleasure peak derived during sexual activity. If a penetration is successful, pleasure isn't only felt by a husband, but also the wife. The enjoyment is increasing according to an obtained stimulation.

Unfortunately, not all couples can reach pleasure peak together. How to reach orgasms at the same time? There's a secret.

In men, orgasm occurs simultaneously with ejaculations. Towards ejaculations, semen begins to pump by organs of liquid pouch and prostates. The time to pump is starting to feel the arrival of pleasure peak. So, finally, semen can't be detained again then it's sprayed out.

Along with the spray, it's the highest peak of pleasures, and that's what usually referred as orgasms.

Shortly before the semen is sprayed, husband will make sounds. There's a moaning. Some directly tell wives that semen will soon be sprayed. It's that a wife gets ready to welcome. The first spray comes out with husband's sounds or shouts.

When an ejaculation consists of four sprays, shouting voice could be heard four times. Thereafter, it's arising weak feeling. Orgasm is finished.

In contrast to men, woman doesn't squirt fluid when having orgasms. Thus, pleasure peak is obtained only by feelings. What happens to sex is just a contraction of vaginal muscle. When reaching climaxes, automatically, it'll happen contractions of vaginal muscle that clamps penises.

Afterward, enjoyment will go up and down like a wave, and vaginal muscle contracts in accordance with climaxes. Then, enjoyment will decrease gradually until it finally disappears. In women, it can achieve more than one orgasm. It can be two to three times, even there has a woman that orgasms to eight times.

After the first peak is reached, enjoyment is decreased slightly but not lost.

Hence, what ideal is, husband and wife should strive to reach satisfaction peak or orgasms together. To achieve the pleasure together, husband and wife require communications, cooperation, and an adequate preparation.

They need to know each other, especially in the term of their sex life.

Husband needs to know how to fondle his wife exactly so the sexual pleasure is increasing rapidly. Wife should also know how to make her husband continually passionate, eager to fondle, and at the same time, an obtained pleasure increases.

For that, husband and wife should learn from each other and work together to achieve orgasms simultaneously.

There're several ways to achieve the ideal condition:

1. Note physical, mental condition

Health and physical fitness are absolutely necessary to obtain a highly sexual pleasure. If body isn't fresh, libido or sexual desire won't come out. It's hard to erect or arouse. Soul should also be happy. If there's a little feeling not pleased, libido can go down so that erection and stimulation don't increase.

2. Communication issue

Husband and wife aren't always in perfect condition. Sometimes, physically, it's very tired or sleepy. So, it's enough just to have ordinary sex. However, once in a while, husband and wife would want a perfect sex, a strong libido, a complete fondling, and a high and together orgasm.

For that, it needs to communicate prior to partners. It can be preceded by romantic chat first.

There's also a couple who meets once a week for a tiring job or a distance of office and home too far. They have sex only every Saturday noon, afternoon, evening, or the Sunday. So, on Friday, they have had an intimate chat in preparation for the tomorrow event.

Thus, atmosphere in order to achieve a perfect orgasm is preconceived.

3. Note time, places, conditions

To get a perfect sex, it'd not have intercourse too late at night so a feeling is still fresh and not sleepy. Even so, the next day, it's not having to rush off to work, or a wife has to wake up in drowsiness state. So, feeling before starting intercourse should be completely quiet.

About places, actually, it doesn't matter. Importantly, there's not an intrusive, and around atmosphere is completely deserted. Every now and then, go to special place, such as hotels, rest area, etc. The new and privileged place can give fresh taste and enjoy sex anyway.

4. Warm atmosphere first

For example, when watching television, it's already started to touch each other to show that you've wanted to have sex as well as to encourage partner's passion. Some people like to seduce sexually. In this way, wife will be more fastly passionate then reply husband's seduction or palpation.

When you both are ready, take your partner to a bedroom. If there's no one else in the house, probably, it's better to do it in the living room. When you put a fairly thick carpet on the floor, it's also good. Feeling will be more romantic because it's in the big room, and it feels odd.

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