Caring for Women's Reproductive Organ

Some gynecological diseases and disorders of female reproductive function are problems in our society. Now, the problems are more complex.

Formerly, the problems are limited to cervical cancer, moles, and infertility. Now, we know more types of cancers, including breast cancer, and more frequent are miscarriages, not to mention infections, including HIV, and rapes.

The chances of the problems can be prevented and suppressed as small as possible when the women meet three following things:

1. Recognize reproductive organ, function through sex education

Therefore, don't hesitate to ask doctors to explain reproductive organ, not just vagina and ovaries but also groins and breasts. With this knowledge, the next two terms can we do well and consciously.

2. Maintain personal hygiene, cleanliness in sexual intercourse

Maintaining cleanliness, essentially, is to prevent infections through reproductive tract. Frequently, infection is one cause of infertility. Some things need to consider in maintaining cleanliness.

Try to keep pubes and groins always dry, especially if you're classified as obese. Humid atmosphere is very favored by fungus.

Smelling or colored fluor albus is usually caused by bacteria, especially when accompanied by itching. It requires special medication. So, get to doctors. When you're married, it's important to come up with your husband.

Washing vagina with special solution is only necessary when there's an infection in pubic area.

Do sexual intercourse only with one person because frequently changing partners will increase infection possibility.

3. Do specific prevention effort

The goal is to find or detect multiple disorders early, also to reduce treatment cost in case of infections or sterility, or costs of surgeries and chemotherapy for cancers. In contrast to infectious disease that can be prevented by maintaining health, there're some reproductive tract diseases that unavoidable is the occurrence.

However, advance in medicine has enabled healing provided that the diseases are being addressed, such as breast tumor, cervical cancer, and endometriosis.

Here are things that need attention:

Breast self-check should be done once a year since teens.

Mammography, the breast X-ray, is useful to ensure breast tumor.

When you're active sexually, do Pap smear examination. After three examinations the result is normal, reschedule according to ages.

Vertically transmitted infection examination is required to ascertain whether done special handling if we want pregnancies.

Tumor sign examination can be performed for ovaries.

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