Benefits of Dracaena Angustifolia

Heartburn is a common disease in the community, but there's a view that the heartburn is a mild disease and can be ignored though it can be otherwise.

The occurrence of heartburn disease is because of the irregularity of eating and lack of sleep not matched by sufficient diet. It could also be due to stress. The occurrence of heartburn is due to the injury or inflammation of the stomach caused by irregularities in a healthy diet.

Well, there's an easy and inexpensive herbal remedy. Heartburn disease, finally, can get out of the body.

Do you know Dracaena angustifolia? The leaves can be used for coloring the cake. Apparently, the fruit is very beneficial as a herbal medicine. In general, Dracaena angustifolia will bear fruit when the tree is quite old, and the fruit is gradually from green, brownish yellow, and finally to ripe red.

The fruit shape is small, round, and hard. Usually, the tree is planted as a complement to the garden or grown on the edge of the curb.

For producing herbal medicines with the fruit, it needs oil from green coconuts. What meant of green coconut is a really green, not the young. When you peel the skin, you see the reddish color. So, it's not just a coconut with green skin.

How to make:

1. Take 30 fruits then wash cleanly. Mash but don't need to tender.

2. A peeled green coconut is grated the flesh and taken the milk.

3. Heat the coconut milk to be an oil.

4. When it becomes an oil, pour the collision of the fruits and stir until blended.

5. Remove and let cool.

6. Having a cool, coconut oil that's been mixed with the fruits can be drunk one tablespoon a day.

Keep in mind that the herbal remedy could be to cure the symptoms of typhoid.

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