Beautiful, Healthy Skin

The face that looks younger and smoother is so longed by people. When it looks a little wrinkled, usually, you directly fuss. Unfortunately, maximum effort, especially by women, to maintain and improve the appearance, sometimes, is done without considering the health and safety aspects.

What good are young and beauty if the body is actually sick? What exactly makes people look beautiful? Is it because of cosmetic or, basically, the face is pretty?

People look beautiful if they're healthy. The proof is, if we look at the sick, her face is pale and dull, and doesn't shine although she's pretty, right?

You see, a healthy skin mirrors the condition of a healthy body. It has an important function other than a sense of touch and the body armor of the surrounding natural conditions. It also helps to regulate body temperature, to protect the body from viruses and bacteria, as well to run the secretion and discharge functions when you sweat.

In performing the function of secretion, the skin secretes oil. Its name is sebum. The point is to keep the skin moisture and smoothness. So, the sweat you spend isn't pointless. It's to maintain body temperature remained within normal limits.

It's because your skin isn't like a piece of paper, but it's composed of several layers and parts. Each one square centimeter of skin is flowing one meter of blood vessels with about one hundred sweat glands, three thousand sensory cells at the end of nerve fibers, four meters of nerves, twenty-five touch instruments, two hundred nerve ends of sense of pain, two instruments of sense of cold, twelve instruments of sense of hot, ten hairs, and fifteen oil glands.

In order for the skin looks beautiful and young, you need an effort. Therefore, there're factors inside and outside the body that cause premature skin aging.

Naturally, the skin and the body, indeed, will be aging and wrinkling along with the passing of age and time. Cells in the body have a certain limit to grow and evolve. The term is biological clock. In addition, there're also innate or biological factors as the cause of premature aging.

They say, stress makes old fast. It's true. Stress condition will attract the muscles of facial expression. Eventually, the pull of the muscles can form wrinkles. Hence, the stress shouldn't be left too long.

External factors believed to cause premature aging faster is the ultraviolet rays of the sun between ten to fifteen o'clock. For workers who work outdoors all day, you need to realize that the activity could potentially lead to premature aging.

Air pollution is the contributor to number two. It can be a pollution of factory to cigarette smokes.

Of the body, in addition to age, the originator of premature aging, also, can come from malnutrition, not only undernutrition but also overnutrition. Hence, you need to run a healthy and fitting diet, not excess of vitamins, proteins, fats, and so on.

Therefore, when the body digests food, in addition to energy, it's also produce free radicals. These free radicals are one of the results of the metabolism in the cell. It's a molecule surrounded by electrons, but it doesn't have pairs.

Because of an excess of electrons, free radicals will annex others that pair. Well, these breakdown and annexation are damaging other cells. Thus, it's resulting in premature aging.

Free radicals are formed not only from the body. It can also be formed due to air pollution or ultraviolet rays that stimulates the body to produce free radicals. Free radicals, or it's also called oxidants, can be prevented by antioxidants that can be obtained from vitamins A, C, and E, melatonin, and beta-carotene.

So, be healthier. You'll be gorgeous!

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