Already Vaccinated, Still Sick

Many parents ask about vaccination benefit. You see, despite being vaccinated, the child is yet frequently sick.

Indeed, the vaccine only provides protection against the injected type. For example, pertussis vaccine provides protection against whooping cough disease. Similarly is polio vaccine.

So, it doesn't automatically make the child immune to all diseases.

In addition, the strength of protection against diseases is also determined by other factors, such as vaccine antigenicity power, child's immune system state, nutrition, and others.

Similarly, be aware of how a germ invades our bodies. Once, we know cholera vaccine intended to ward off gastrointestinal symptom. The vaccine is given through injections and generates immunity in our bloods. In fact, cholera enters body through the contaminated food and drink.

In small intestine, cholera bacterium multiplies and causes diseases, but a germ doesn't get into blood. So, immunity in blood doesn't induce intestinal tract, the cholera entrance. It's, therefore, no longer recommended the cholera vaccination.

Child who's been vaccinated is still likely to develop diseases, but usually, it arises in the lighter and shorter form. This can happen because an antibody has a half-life. So, with time, it occurs destruction process that weakens antibody's deterrent power.

However, overall, adequate vaccination provides protection and causes children free of diseases. In addition, there's another advantage in the vaccinated children. If one day, your child is going to school in the United States for example, parents don't need to show report card, letters to change schools, or the translated birth certificate. What important is a vaccinated certificate.

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