Stress Okay, Distress No Way

Yes, stress makes us strong. Conversely, distress can lead to mental and physical illness, and disturbed self and environments. With the relaxation, we can control stress so as not to cause distress.

Based on physical or psychological reasons, it's less precise when we always shy away from stress. Stress is necessary for the development of body and soul. It stimulates excitement and determination many people desire after reaching a success, namely, winning the race or making a presentation well.

Someone accustomed to deal with stress will also have the endurance. To a certain extent, stressful situations will be gone through easily. Conversely, people who never get stressed will be vulnerable. Light stress is coming, he's suffered distress, i.e. mental or physical disorders, especially if he receives severe stress.

Distress can happen to the mind and reasoning tools, volition and locomotors, and feeling and the digestive apparatus. There are some kinds of stressors that could bring distress: physical, psychological, and environmental or sociocultural.

Handling of distress patient without medication can be done by selecting relaxations, and the exercise is a way to get out of the threat. With relaxation, physiological tension will decrease. Thereby, pulse, blood, and respiratory will decrease, and perspiration will reduce.

This condition will make the feeling more comfortable and the patient able to think more calmly, so he'd be able to deal with the environmental situation not in accordance with the expectations. Distress can be lost, and eustress comes.

The trick is quite easy. When doing relaxations, we imagine overlooking the stressor. When seeing a snake makes us stressed, yes, we imagine. No need is to see the real snake. In this way, in the first, breath is going awry, but, in time, it could be good. So, the event of a real will also be like it.

So, stress isn't to avoid. We gotta practice to deal with it.

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