Sexual Arousal Booster Foods

Many societies believe in the existence of some foods and herbs that can increase libidos. Some experts estimate, it's because it contains certain compounds that can affect hormones, brain chemistry, energy, and stress that can help to boost sexual desire.
Here are a number of foods believed to be an aphrodisiac:

1. Chocolate

Chocolate that can be consumed in the form of drinks, cake, or slabs has more than 300 compounds believed to have aphrodisiac effects since the first.

Casanova, a wanderer from Italy, known as the Women Conqueror, always ate chocolate before making love. According to experts, this is because the chocolate is rich in phenylethylamine and serotonin which can improve moods and affect the appearance of a surge of love.

Women who eat chocolate, her mood would be better because of magnesium. Flavonoids and oleic acid in dark chocolate can help to flex the blood vessels, lower LDL, and raise HDL so that it flows smoothly to the male genital organs.

2. Oysters

According to the story, Casanova the Women Conqueror and his girlfriends were everyday eating raw oysters so that their sexual arousal increased. According to estimates of experts, oysters have aphrodisiac reputation because the zinc is high enough. Actually, various other types of shellfish also have the same benefits.

3. Fruits, vegetables

In Roman and Greek cultures, fruits were always available before they engaged in sexual acts. It's no wonder because fruits and vegetables, good sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, may increase stamina and blood flow, thus, to impact increasing of sexual arousal.

Vitamin E, potassium, and phosphorus in apples, pears, grapes, avocado, sprouts, celery, basil, and peppers can increase stamina and blood flow implicated in arousal.

4. Honey

Honey is often referred as instant aphrodisiac because it can increase the vitality that increases sexual desire. Possibly, it's because honey is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

5. Ginseng

In China, ginseng root has long been believed to be an aphrodisiac because it contains the estrogen as well as an active compound like ginsenoside that can regulate the pituitary and adrenal glands.

However, Chinese health experts don't consider ginseng as sexual stimulant in the sense of an aphrodisiac that directly increases sexual desire for married couples. It's more to restore sexual function that is normally healthy or begins to decrease.

A similar opinion was expressed by Dr. I. I. Brekhman, a Russian doctor, who investigated ginseng root intensively. The performance of ginseng didn't give instant effects.

6. Ginger

Ginger keeps the body fit that increases sexual desire. The essential oils that consist of zingiberene, camphene, lemonene, zingiberol, and gingerol can make the body fit, also, including organic acids, malic and akshat acids, and estrogen-like compounds. The heat generated by ginger can circulate blood and increase sexual desire.

Red ginger may affect hormones and increase sperms, possibly, as vitamin B complex which can affect moods and fitness.

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