Sex, Taste Important Not Style

Cultural people can't meet the instincts of sex without love.

Sexual activity has many facets. There're procreation, recreation, relationship, and even religion. Because it has many dimensions, sexual activities can also be enjoyed in various ways, depending on which side the sex is viewed.

When viewed from two sides at once, recreation and relationship, sex can give not only biological pleasure, but also psychological, even spiritual.

In a joke, sex is just do it! Just do it. Don't theorize a lot. About the manner and style, first touch is so tempting, then it's up to you. About when and where to do, it's anytime, anywhere.

According to the above jokes, sex will guide the culprit more creative in all respects, including in the style of lovemaking. Although matter of sex is only about the genitals, we're familiar with various kinds of style of sex. It's not only the standard position of man over woman, but also a variety of non-standard positions, such as woman-on-top, lateral, monkey-climbs-coconut-tree, doggy, and whether what else.

In fact, style of sex variations, today, don't stop at the extent of the contact between the two genitals. Now, people are also familiar with oral sex, and even anal. All proves that sexual activity, indeed, can make the culprit creative to develop various styles and variations of the position.

That says, currently, most people receive different style of sex above as unavoidable. As long as being done with own wife or husband, all styles are legitimate. It's no need to feel guilty to do. At least, this fact can be seen from the mass media.

In short, sex style affairs in society, today, have reached peak creativity which some people may still consider taboo. It's also the other side of society's view of sex. However, not everyone can accept a variety of styles on the bed as unavoidable, even it's done with own wife or husband.

Due to the conservative view, various positions shown in pornographic films are as a too adventurous force. It's enough to have the simple standard style, man over woman. Even when doing variations, it's only limited to juxtaposition style, woman over man. That's it. It's not often done, only when feeling more comfortable that way.

It's legitimate, husband and wife do various sex with different styles. Even so, sex performed solely because of biological lust, usually, less allow for the fulfillment of psychological needs.

Sex habits merely because of biological lust will cause marital relationship easily strained when one of the couple is no longer attractive sexually. This, especially, is to watch out for the men. The man is hot continually, passionate, while the older the woman is, the less progressively the sexual attractiveness is.

By the time of woman's physique no longer excites sexually, intercourse would be bland because the man is already accustomed solely to indulge his biological lust. The marital bond is a lifelong. We must be willing to accept whatever conditions of our partner to old.

The husband and wife better get used to enjoy sex not purely as a biological matter, but also involve an emotional connection. This kind of sex can be done. The quality of inner and outer pleasure is higher.

In order to obtain the inner and outer satisfaction, treat sex as a combination of biological lust and affection. If the husband was eager, he'd invite his wife in a way like someone asking for permission. He'd try to understand when his wife wasn't in the mood for sex.

The wife shouldn't always obey what the will of her husband in bed if she didn't like. If the male forces, that's not a love.

Apply this perspective since the beginning married. At the time of the first night, it'd not directly engage in intercourse if the wife wasn't ready. The husband should be willing to hold back though at the time, his lust had reached the crown. What should be done first is talking to equate the perception of sex.

Each time having sex, never forget to read the prayer first. In religion, marital sex is included in worship. Sex can't be separated from recreation, relationship, and even religion. Last two aspects, relationship and religion, are almost impossible to include if sex is done awkwardly. Don't think that it's bad. It's just a matter of taste.

By the way of this outlook, how to measure sexual satisfaction is different from mass people. A lot of women enjoy sex in the form of love, caress, hug, and kiss, not just an orgasm. Because of this view, both don't make premature ejaculation. Kiss, caress, and hug aren't to be in a state of erection. What important is both equally pleased.

For some people, the above view may be considered too conservative, too purist. Whatever you call it. Obviously, There're still many people who view sex as a conservative affair, if the term is appropriate. This group is mainly represented by those still trying to hold onto traditional values, especially religion.

In fact, conservative view of this kind is a good choice in relation to household life. This view is called with the term of sexual behavior appropriate in the initial design. The initial design? Does sex have original design? Got it!

In the context of male-female relationship, sex initial design is the bond of two people in the heterosexual and monogamous institution of marriage. In the context of the style of sex, the initial design is the contact of two genitals of man and woman in face-to-face position.

It's because anatomically, the position of human genital is different from other mammals. In animals, their genitals are such that. So, when having sexual contact, males must perform penetration from behind, not face-to-face.

This is in contrast to humans. The genitals are located in the front of the body. Thus, when having sexual intercourse, the most suitable position, anatomically, is face-to-face. In the case, now, people know the various kinds of sex style, it's caused by the influence of pornographic films.

Historically, human sexual behavior like this didn't just happen. All stemmed from the sexual revolution happened in 1948. Before the sexual revolution, the various styles of sex not face-to-face weren't entrenched in the community.

The sexual revolution firstly occurred in the United States and then spread to all corners of the world. The trigger was a book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, written by Alfred Kinsey, a biologist and sexologist at Indiana University, USA.

Through the book, Kinsey offered a new view of sex, "The only unnatural sex act is that the which you can not perform." This view was at odds with the conservative of society at that time that still tabooed a lot of sexual activity.

That is, if a human can do it, it means, it's still considered normal and natural. Limits used by Kinsey weren't norms held by society at that time. There was no taboo limit. What he knew was only natural and unnatural boundary.

It then triggered the permissive sexual behavior in the community. Because the limitations were only things able and unable to do, all kinds of activities previously taboo were no longer. It wasn't only in style, but also including sex outside the institution of marriage, and even same-sex relationship. Throughout being able to do, it was still counted natural.

Sexual revolution sparked by the book then had gained supports when Hugh Hefner published Playboy magazine in 1953. Since then, it began to bloom films exploiting sex. This was the forerunner of permissive sexual behavior, including style of lovemaking not in accordance with the sex initial design.

A vis-a-vis standard is a sexual position proved the most effective to foster an emotional bond between husband and wife. This position allows the couple to kiss, look at, and embrace each other in the closest physical contact. In the position, sexual activity can be used to develop relationship, of course, in addition to recreation.

Relationship and recreation is a package that can't be separated. All talks about sex can't be separated from the relationship in the institution of marriage. Sexual activity is a union of two selves, not only intercourse but also emotions. This is what makes humans unique among other mammals.

As long as each pair instills a mindset about this sex initial design, the two don't need to fear saturated with monotonous sex style. Therefore, such sexual activity will always be accompanied by love and affection. Sexual arousal may be lost as the partner aging, but love doesn't know the word monotonous.

As a result, for those who see sex according to the initial design, the important thing is the taste, not the style.

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