Ready-to-Combat Seasoning

Hoarding herbs has many fortunes. In addition to the stock of food seasoning, the spices can also, at any time, be used to create an even louder bed rocking.
Here are herbs used to trigger fighting arousal:

1. Husband's passion potion I:


10 g of fennel
25 g of Alyxia stellata
20 g of pepper
3 cloves of garlic
1 vertebra of turmeric
1 chicken egg yolk
A little honey

How to make:

Fennel, Alyxia stellata, pepper, garlic, and turmeric are grounded finely then brewed with one cup of hot water.
Cover and let stand for 15 minutes then strain.
When gonna drink, add the egg yolk and a little honey. Stir.
Drink this mixture at a time two hours after dinner and two to three hours before bedtime. It's recommended to be taken regularly for a month.


This potion can can also increase the passion for wife.

2. Husband's passion potion II:


50 g of ginseng

How to make:

Wash ginseng then slice thinly.
Pour three-fourths cup of hot water.
Drink this mixture while warm and add a little brem. Drink one time daily.


This potion isn't recommended for people with hypertension.

3. Wife's passion potion:


10 grains of black pepper
1 tbsp of fennel
1 tbsp of Alyxia stellata
3 papaya leaves
1 chicken egg yolk
A little honey

How to make:

Fennel, Alyxia stellata, and black pepper are grounded finely then mixed with egg yolk. Meanwhile, papaya leaves are also pounded with a given bit of boiled water then squeezed and strained.
Mix both and add honey to taste. Stir.
Drink this mixture once at bedtime for one week.

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