Overcome Diabetes with Tomatoes

Tomato is easily found in everyday life. It's usually consumed directly when fresh without cooking first. Although it's slightly sour, but it tastes good and fresh.

The tomato plant is included in something tolerant of altitude. This plant is very fond of the loose and rich-in-nutrient soil so that its growth is optimal.

This plant has a pinnate leaf shape. The flower is star-shaped and yellow while the fruit is round or slightly flattened depending on the species. In general, tomatoes can be harvested when the plants are two to three months.

Tomato contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sulfur, and vitamins. The contents lead the fruit efficacious for treatment.

1. Diabetes

Tomato and watermelon are cut into pieces then made the juice. This juice is drunk several times a day.

2. Bleeding gums

Tomato is washed and eaten fresh. For the treatment of bleeding gums, at least, consume one fruit per day for one month.

3. Ulcers in mouth

The tomato is cooked with fresh fish then eaten as a side dish. This treatment is done every day for one to two weeks until there's a change.

4. Ulcers in stomach

One tomato is cut into small pieces. Into the tomato chunks, add fruit juice of citrus and honey then stir thoroughly. After that, the herb can be given to patients several times a day in small amounts. Do it for three weeks.

5. Swelling skin caused by poisoning

Tomatoes and the rods are simmered in water until boiling, then cool them down. The water is massaged onto the affected part.

For sufferers with heat in the stomach and intestines, they should only eat tomatoes in very small quantities.

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