Mistaken Views about Sex Education

So far, many children grow up without the provision of sexual education. Many parents still let the kids know the sex in their own ways. One of the reasons is many misconceptions about sexual education.

In this paper, it could be known the wrong and right about it.

Sexual education should be a part of children's at school and at home and started early. The concept is more oriented to elements of anatomy, functions, values, and personality attitude with respect to the ownership of the reproductive organs.

Also, it's to prepare teens to be able to take the role of their genders maturely and adultly.

Thus, sex education is actually more on personality formation of the ownership of the reproductive organs. To that end, sexual education is supported by elements of ethics, psychology, sociology, religion, and manners that equip each person to act to present oneself in accordance with the type of one's reproductive organs.

Delivering a good sexual education isn't an easy job. One of the problems is, there're still many misconceptions about sexual education that circulate in the community. Here're some misconceptions and correct description:

1. Sexual education only appropriate for spouses

This isn't true. Fallacy arises because many parties assume, sexual education is synonymous with practices. Sexual education is a matter for the husband and wife, adult affairs. Sexual education isn't like that. Sexual education doesn't teach or practice the techniques or art of sex activism.

2. With sex education, children, teenagers just wanna try having sex

Sexual education doesn't contain particulars of the practices and techniques of sex so it doesn't inspire children and adolescents to engage in activities really not the time to do. Sexual education precisely provides children and teenagers not to do something that could have been but shouldn't be.

That's why sexual education is needed.

3. Sexual education only feasible for teen age

If the purpose is to educate, sexual education should be given since childhood, even in the womb. Parents should instill the notion that the gender differences are natural. The difference is something healthy, and reproductive organs aren't something squalid and sinned.

In essence, sexual education gives how to take the role of a male or female adultly and maturely. This provision is needed, and it's only possible to instill completely if it's done since childhood.

4. Sexual education being school assignment, not parents

Before children go to school, the parents' job is to start instilling provisions, among others, why there're gender differences, where babies come from, of anatomy and healthy family structure, that sex isn't a taboo or a sin, and so on.

Sexual education, formally, become a part in schools. The material and method of administration are carried out in stages in accordance with the absorption ability of the children. Between first and fifth graders, the way of presentation and description, for example, of family planning or where the babies come from and the happenings is different.

5. Sexual education only appropriate for children in developed countries, not in accordance with eastern culture

If sex education is given correctly, there's no deviating from eastern values. Precisely, every easterner should have values instilled by parents or teachers. Without this debriefing, teens just don't have control of how to be an adult responsible for their greatness of sexuality value, such as the planting that virginity is only for their husbands.

6. Sexual education inappropriate to give widely, openly

As long as education is oriented in planting values, it's appropriate and fine to be given to everyone. It's another case if sexual education is defined as marriage counseling certainly not for all ages.

An attitude that taboos or sees sex as something dirty and sinned doesn't make healthy the psychosexual development of children. Later, the children will have a deviant personality by their harmed notion of sex.

7. Sexual education not reduce sexual delinquencies, crimes

The purpose of sexual education isn't to suppress crimes and delinquencies. Sexual delinquency and crime is a different part of the effort to make healthy the male's and female's sexual maturation. There're other elements beyond the range of sexual education that make a person prone to sexual delinquencies and crimes.

It might be as a result of not receiving sex education as children so one of the sexual deviations arose that can be the beginning of their delinquencies and crimes.

8. So far, no sexual education does nothing anyway

Sexual education is important for all children in the world. Without it, the numbers of young marriage and pregnancy, illegal abortion, sexual perversion, teenage venereal diseases, and other forms in the world are increasing steadily.

9. Sexual education only given by doctor, sexology counselor

All parents and teachers can learn and are taught to provide sexual education. There're many guides which can be referred for that purpose. As long as referring to basic sexual education, the knowledge of anatomy and physiology of reproductive organs, and religious and ethic values of life for the development of mature and healthy personality, bad consequences won't occur.

10. Sexual education given separately between boys, girls

As long as sexual meaning is accepted as normal and natural, not as something dirty and sinned, all boys and girls become healthy together. Boys should know about the female reproductive organs, and vice versa.

Proper sex education administered by competent parties and delivered casually without any negative sense seems always healthy.

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