Massage to Relax Body

Massage, in conjugal life, is needed. It's able to reduce physical fatigue and relax the psychological tension due to daily activities. When involving the erotic element, massage will cause a certain sensation of pleasure. When increasing to genital massage, partner's feeling can soar up the seventh heaven.

Here are how to massage to relax the body part by part in order to achieve outstanding results:

1. Shoulders, head

Massage the front of the shoulders, the sides of the neck, cheeks and jaws, then the temples and forehead. Move your fingers gently over the chin, and around and on the surface of the lips, eyes, and nose that're the sensitive parts. Many people also like the top of their heads massaged in the same way when washing hair.

2. Back, spines

When massaging your partner's back, use a gentle pressure and do from the butt towards the shoulders. Keep your hands in an open and parallel to each other and push your thumbs along the spines. Do it to the base of the neck then spread to the shoulders before moving your hands down, slowly back to the buttocks.

Repeat this massage to ten times or more than that if the partner wants.

3. Arms, breasts

Starting at the front of the shoulders, do your job down to the breasts and abdomen. Do a light massage on the breasts and nipples, then massage your partner's arms by using a gentle kneading motion and work downward.

After that, do it towards the top of the thighs by using a twisting motion of your hands. Press the thighs and move gradually to the pubic hair and navel where gentle pressure is to create comforts. Skip the ribs and follow the shape of the breasts, and massage those parts gently.

4. Upper back

When massaging the upper back, do on muscles between the shoulders and the base of the neck, then take your hands down, massage your partner's sides with your fingertips. Squeeze the shoulders with a weak pressure. Squeeze anyway the back of the neck.

5. Ass

Move your hands with a rotating motion on partner's ass. Begin with a strong pressure then lighten up until your hands just sweep the skin. Then, squeeze and press each buttock in turn.

6. Feet

With partner's prone position, start by massaging her toes, stretching, squeezing and bending upward respectively before gently rubbing between fingers. Then, move your palms firmly on the soles of the feet and along the insteps.

Raise your partner's legs in turn and swivel gently several times until they feel limp and relaxed. Then, move to the top of the legs. Pay special attention to ankles, calves, and the back of the knees and thighs.

Massaging calves, ankles, and feet will be easier to do if the partner is in a prone position with the legs in an upright. Hold her leg with one hand and do massage with your other hand. To avoid strains on your back, sit as close to the partner. So, you don't have to bend or stretch forward.

Move your hand down subtly from the ankle to the knee and press calf muscle gently with fingers. With the same motion, move your hand back up from the knee to the ankle.

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