Listen, Respond

A 10-years-old intelligent boy often infuriated his father because he wasn't disciplined, unruly, refused, and pretended not to know when asked for help.

Understandably, other than in the office, at home, his father was sometimes still busy at the front desk. Quite often, when he needed, just, a piece of paper that happened left on the table in the room, he asked the boy to fetch. However, in various kinds of pretexts, the boy refused the request.

In everyday life, he often displayed an attitude as if he didn't hear the request of his father and other family members, plus the child often acted on his own wishes. In fact, he was lazy to bath although the father, mother, uncle, and aunt repeatedly reminded to shower.

There were reasons used as a pretext to refuse. In fact, actually, the boy was an intelligent being. He wasn't a person with mental disorder.

Indeed, there's a mental disorder, chronic schizophrenia, devastating power on the infected. The destruction of the will power, among others, gives birth to unusually severe laziness. The manifestations are various. It could be reluctant to shower, even lazy to take care of oneself.

The smart kid wasn't living with schizophrenia. His father knew that he was intelligent and creative. However, the father often became very angry because the casual attitude that he carried. Instead, now, the father felt anger control problems when facing the child's obstinacy.

He realized, outbursts of rage that sometimes gushed from him was somewhat exaggerated. Without being ably controlled, automatically, he beat his son. Despite a few moments later, the father was sorry for his actions, but he was well aware that when he was mad, he couldn't cope with the beating automatism.

The above story is one illustration of the real events which shows how the reluctance of people to listen and respond to others can be a fatal stumbling block in relations. Father-child relation can be shattered because of a reluctance to listen and respond.

At this point, it's necessary to realize, how the willingness to listen and respond to others is very important. However, actually, in the middle of day-to-day real life, a man isn't uncommonly wrapped by reluctant habits to listen and respond to others.

The habit entanglement makes us very insensitive to other people's voices. Habits can indeed make putridity as new fairness. As a new fairness, indifference to respond and listen to other people will have negative consequences.

Irony about human indifference to listen and respond to each other was illustrated in the story of the birth of a giant company, Apple Computers. It turned out that the company was born in a garage. Inside the garage, a kid rich in brilliantly creative ideas was struggling with his innovative works.

Why was in the garage? It was because the kid's voice and ideas were never heard and responded to the well established people based on the luxury buildings. The kid full of brilliantly creative ideas had been peddling to respected people. However, he wasn't responded and listened.

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