Healthy Tip to Eat Junk Food

Junk food is so called because it's already considered less to support health. Fried food from street vendors, pizza, ice cream, burgers, snacks in the pack for the kids, and fried chicken generally contain high fat, carbohydrate, sugar, salt, and seasonings.

Actually, these foods aren't so bad. For example, an ice cream made from milk contains a lot of calcium; the meat in the burger contains vitamin B and protein; and pizza that uses peppers and onions in the mixture also has enough fibers, other than calcium from the cheese.

That we need to limit the consumption of junk food, it can't be disputed. However, when forced to eat it, accompany with fibrous foods. If you eat a burger, cover with fruit juice; While eating fried chicken, sip vegetable soup; and when spending a pan of pizza, don't forget the salad.

So, for fans of junk food, there's a road to be healthy, right?

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