Generate Kids' Appetite

Appetite in children is actually the same as adults. It can be spotty. So, don't worry too much if the children are eating less than usual.

Don't even persuade or force them to eat more. Food eaten voluntarily would be better to digest than the imposed. You see, if the feeding is forced, there's no saliva and gastric acid that help the digestive process.

There're a few things to keep in mind in raising the children's appetite:

1. Try to keep children hungry before eating. Children would feel hungry when three to four hours earlier, they didn't eat anything. In such conditions, then, their appetite will arise.

2. Get used to feed regularly during the hours that have been determined. Thus, each time are those hours arriving, eating reflex is formed to secrete saliva and gastric acid useful for perfect digestion.

3. Don't give sweet snacks, such as candy, chocolate, syrup, etc. between the hours of eating. These foods can reduce the stimulation to the eating nerves of the brain so that the children's appetite is down.

4. Arrange such dining atmosphere so their appetite arises, for example, by providing a varied menu of food or serving their favorite.

5. Children lazy to eat don't need to coax, promise something, or force if they don't wanna spend the served food. Just save the meal for the next hour. Don't fear that the children will starve if they don't wanna eat.

6. Explain to the children with the sweet sound about the consequences if they don't wanna eat as well as the need to do it regularly. This is necessary so that children can understand the importance of eating for the growth and health of the body. Thus, the children are expected to be aware and disciplined in eating.

The key is patience in facing the children's eating behavior.

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