Delay Menopause with Soy

Soybean is able to slow down the menopause in women. Averagely, menopause comes when women are into age of 51 or even earlier. However, by regularly eating soy every day, the menopause can occur at the early age of 60.

The habit of consuming soy or its processed products as much as 50 to 90 milligrams per day will slow down the symptoms of menopause. In Japan, where the women regularly consume soybeans, menopause occurs when entering the age of 57.

As it's known, the symptoms of menopause include changes in menstrual cycle, hot feeling that appears briefly and makes a flushed face and neck, the appearance of red spots in the breasts, back, and arms, as well as sleep disorders.

Why can soy slow down the menopause? It turns out that soy contains protein rich in isoflavone, a substance similar to estrogen. High antioxidant in the isoflavone functions to slow down premature aging. Not only that, isoflavone is also effective in preventing a disease that trends among women today, namely breast cancer, also heart disease, prostate cancer in men, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

The soy isn't only good for women but also men. The earlier you consume it, the better the prevention of various diseases is. For women, since puberty, it'd be accustomed to eat soy.

For soy-processed products, such as tempeh and tofu, it'd be braised if you want optimal results. When fried, though it's not reducing the isoflavone, it'll affect the increase of fat in the body.

For the types of soybeans, it's undisputed. Black or yellow is the same. The difference only lies in the skin, whereas the isoflavone remains the same. However, black soybeans are better because the skin contains high antioxidants.

If you've heard the myth that soy consumption can cause uric acid, infertility, or the others, it's not true. There's no problem with the consumption of soy per day. Even with consumption per day, it'd be good for endurance, good growth in children, as well as intelligence.

In addition, soy has a low glycemic index that can control blood sugar, maintain weight, and lower cholesterol. The soy can't be used to replace carbohydrates or other nutrients.

Indeed, snacks that contain soy are filling, but to meet the body's nutrition, it still needs other substances, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

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