Carefully Treat Itching

In holidays, housewives in big cities inevitably have ready to replace the housemaid's functions from washing clothes and dishes, or mopping the floor.

Not infrequently arise new problems, itching on the skin of the hands or feet. Due to disregard, not a few then treat themselves. They're consumed by advertisements in the mass media or join friends' recommendation.

When itchy, directly buy drugs. If it doesn't work well, they try other drugs. As a result, an itchy originally just on the sidelines of fingers, after being treated, even extends to the whole hand.

In the market, an assortment of itching drugs are available: powder, liquid, creams, or soaps. Each drug has an active ingredient the effect can be opposite. Also, there are ointments which only have anti-itch ingredients in high concentrations. They can even cause irritations on sensitive skin.

Unfortunately, if the itching caused by the fungus is spread with not anti-fungal drug, it's even expanded as plant given corticosteroid or antibiotic fertilizer. Instead, itching due to allergies won't be cured with anti-fungal drugs. Instead, contact dermatitis can occur.

Actually, itching can be a sign of a number of causes of abnormalities on the skin. In tropical countries, the moist and sweating skin could be a convenient place for fungi, such as candida or water flea.

In addition to fungi, itching is often caused by allergies, especially sensitive skin. For example is an allergy to plastic or leather sandals or shoes. Itching after washing the dishes could also arise because the skin is sensitive to used soap.

Meanwhile, itching in the body after a bath, perhaps, is because of soap. The skin can also be itchy because it's sensitive to dyes, fragrances, or strong antiseptic in soap, or materials in perfumes, cosmetics, or liniment. Insects' bites, prickly heat, or psychological factors can also cause itching.

However, from various itching causes, mold and allergy are the most frequently encountered in the dermatologist's office.

Actually, there's a simple way that can be used to distinguish the cause of itching, i.e. by observing the location and when the onset of itching arises. Itching in the areas of damp folds is usually caused by a fungus. Meanwhile, in the body that easily contacts with objects, it's usually due to an allergic reaction, for example, after using the soap, liniment, detergents, cosmetics, plastics, metals, skin, or cement.

Fortunately, every itch has it's cure. For itching due to allergies or contact with certain materials, the first action is to avoid the cause.

To cope with the itch, rather than trying a product that hasn't been known, it's better addressed by the provision of a powder that contains two percent of salicylic acid. The powder is safe for dry skin disorders and can be bought in drug stores.

Use the powder after a bath in the morning and evening on parts of the itch. Next go the doctor or a dermatologist when necessary.

For itching due to fungi, including Tinea versicolor and athlete's foot, you'd immediately go to the doctor or dermatologist.

To keep in mind, you whose skin is sensitive should be more critical in buying products worn on the skin, such as soaps, cosmetics, skin cares, perfumes, and rubbing medicines. Don't hesitate to ask the experts before buying a particular product.

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