Beware of Chinese Medicine

Later, herbal remedies become a hot issue discussed in the community. After Phaleria macrocarpa and Pandanus conoideus, now, soursop leaves are crowdedly discussed as cancer destroyer.

There's no doubt, endly, many people look for herbal remedies to safer grounds because they're made from natural ingredients and no side effects.

In fact, not only medicine, food and drinks are competing to be processed with organic ingredients or herbs. Then, should the doctor's drug that's identically containing the chemical elements be shunned?

Consumers don't fully believe in traditional medicine because it mayn't be able to cure patients one hundred percent. In fact, the use of traditional medicine could give a negative impact on the patient.

Of course, there're side effects and contradictions in chemical medicine. If herbal medicine is said that the efficacy can be from A to Z, is it true? Keep in mind, everyone has different endurance. Possibly, the A is suitable, but not the B.

There was a patient that went to Thailand to manage the body with herbal medicine. Unfortunately, the herbal medicine wasn't suitable for her. At that moment, she was in a coma, and, in order to survive, she gotta spend more than two thousand dollars.

Herbs contain many toxins. In fact, the poison, when included in the body, will worsen the state of the patient because it's directly related to the heart and kidneys.

The traditional treatment has been studied in research and published. During this time, traditional treatment which has been recognized is acupuncture. Other treatments, such as massage, full-blooded needles, and others, are yet to be accounted.

Clearly, the consumer has the right to choose the treatment. However, to avoid undesirable things, choose drugs already registered in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Why? The safety of drugs listed in the FDA has already been guaranteed.

If something happens, the consumer has the right to sue and obtain compensations. Issuer of the drug can be searched easily and must account for it.

If the traditional Chinese medicine is gonna be aligned with the modern, it must have research and be enrolled in national authorities. If there's anything with the patient, it'd easily be accounted as well.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a good effect for long-term health of the patient. Blended concoction is made by the method of poison against poison. Blended herb is, also, previously examined by experts. In the PRC, this treatment has been equated with modern medicine.

Traditional medicine is more personal. Before giving the medication, the patient will be diagnosed through pulse and tongue. Not only drug that's administered, patients are also given information about the habits that gotta be done, the sleeping and eating styles, and so forth.

Traditional medicine hasn't been registered in the FDA. It just has it's own code of ethics in medicine and permission from the tribal health department in particular area.

Doctors specialized in field of traditional Chinese medicine are still minimal in number. Just a few of them that receive an official certificate from China. Therefore, possibly, the faculties of traditional Chinese medicine will be more established.

Because of not so many traditional healers, here are tips for choosing traditional medicine: It's necessary to know the background details of the doctor, and need to be aware of the given drug as well as in-depth information about.

In the end, consumers must be smart to pick and choose the treatment. To traditional or modern, the decision is in your hands, O consumers.

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