Wise in Eating Spinach

Of course, you ever eat spinach, don't you? In addition to a delicious taste, spinach is good for health. However, don't make a mistake in eating. Rather than nourishing, it's even toxic to the body.

Spinach is an excellent source of protein and amino acids needed by our body. Amino acids are essential for brain formation. The contents of vitamin C and E help to maintain the condition of the body so it's not susceptible to disease.

Each 100 g of spinach contains 3.5 g of protein, 0.5 g of fat, 6.5 g of carbohydrate, 267 mg of calcium, 3.9 g of iron, and 0.8 g of fiber. Judging from the nutrients, there's no reason not to eat spinach.

The high nutrient contents were going to be a nil if the method of processing you did was wrong. Why is that? Spinach contains iron. If you were wrong in cooking, substances in spinach could turn into toxic.

There are several ways to avoid it:

1. Not reheat

Spinach contains lots of iron or ferrous compound good for the body. However, if it's heated continuously or repeatedly, oxidation will occur on spinach. Oxidation itself is binding oxygen. So, the good ferrous will turn into ferric compound toxic to the body.

2. Immediately eaten

In addition to iron, spinach also contains nitrate. If it's too long in contact with the air, it'll turn into nitrite, a colorless, odorless, and poisonous compound. So, spinach should be eaten immediately. Spinach cooked more than five hours isn't recommended for consumption again.

3. Choose fresh spinach

Fresh spinach removed from the nursery contains nitrite compound approximately 5 mg per kg. Spinach stored in the refrigerator for two weeks will rise nitrite level up to 300 mg per kg. In other words, within one day of storage, nitrite compound will increase by 7%.

4. Use stainless steel pan

Don't cook the spinach in iron or aluminum pot because the ferrous compound will react. You should use a stainless pot.

So, from now on, it'd be nice if you're more careful in processing and eating spinach.

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