Test Child's Eyes Early

When a child will enter school, our attention is more sucked in school selection and examination of intelligence. Almost none of us check health.

In fact, physical health plays a major role in supporting the achievement of the child. Impaired vision, for example, often becomes the cause of the decline in children's achievement.

There was a child who began to decrease the performance when sitting in fourth grade. Apparently, the child's eyes were minus four! Thankfully, vision problem like this can be overcome by the use of glasses.

When there's a change in the learning achievement, don't forget to ask where they sit in the classroom; whether they see clearly what's written on the blackboard; whether they are often sleepy or dizzy at school. The answer may be closely related to refractive errors.

Vision changes, sometimes, also become the starting point of the examination toward brain tumors. In girls approaching puberty, menarche that doesn't appear coupled with visual impairment can be a sign of a tumor of the pituitary gland located at the back of the eye. The changes in vision may be blurred, double, or crossed.

The causes of visual impairment are, mostly, trachoma and vitamin A deficiency. However, due to refractive errors can actually be addressed early, then we'd examine the children's eye and vision by the time they enter school.

Ironically, this is the most often we forget. In fact, eye examination at preschool age might reveal the presence of refractive disorders, color blindness, hidden crossed eyes, or a deficiency of vitamin A.

Refractive errors and squint can be corrected and won't cause problems when found soon. Vitamin A deficiency can be overcome by administration. Meanwhile, trachoma, an eye infection by the chlamydia, can be treated with certain antibiotics.

Meanwhile, color blindness is a congenital defect not likely corrected, but it's also not a problem. It's just, a child with color blindness can't run some specific professions when adult, for example, soldiers, workers in laboratories, doctors, mine workers, pharmacists, and several other professions that require the ability to distinguish colors.

By recognizing the disability, a child with the help of parents can choose appropriate education.

Because the eyes are the windows to see the world, we need to maintain the function good and find the disorder early. Check our children's vision by the time they enter kindergarten.

If, during education at the school, the children complain something wrong with their eyesight, don't ignore. It's better to encourage them to visit an ophthalmologist for eye examination.

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