Skinny Hits Cholesterol

Meli, whose body weight is 73 kg and height is only 158 cm, was in disbelief when she read the results of laboratory tests on her hands. It turned out that her blood cholesterol was within normal.

Meanwhile, her best friend, Lala, who was tall and slender, was also stunned. The test results actually showed, her hypercholesterolemia was above 300 mg/dl.

"Well, it might be swapped, huh?" Protested Lala on a clinical laboratory personnel where she checked the blood.

Many people assume, fat body is synonymous with high cholesterol. In contrast, the skinny will be safe from the state. This assumption isn't entirely true.

Indeed, too high total cholesterol will be harmful to health, especially the heart. Therefore, we're always anxious with such laboratory results.

Based on the research results, there's a phenomenon that suggests, frequent incidence of cases of obesity is coupled with an increase in cholesterol. Although the mechanism of this association hasn't been clearly exposed, the effort to lose weight, however, has significant effect on lowering cholesterol.

Foods that contain high cholesterol and saturated fats also have significant effect in the body.

Whether a person is overweight or not, setting a diet low in cholesterol and saturated fat is one of the effective ways to control blood. Only in certain circumstances, the diet isn't enough. Further medical attention may be required.

Actually, the factors that can trigger increased cholesterol in the blood aren't just the body weight or the consumption of saturated fats as well as understanding that circulates in the community. There are other factors not less popular than the saturated fat and body weight, i.e. age, sex, physical activity, or heredity.

With increasing ages, men and women have a tendency of elevated cholesterol. Women who reach the age of menopause would need special attention. To prevent this, you should do physical activities regularly accompanied by healthy lifestyle habits, such as not smoking and drinking alcohol, and eating a balanced diet.

Which difficult to control is precisely heredity. Whilst the possibility of high cholesterol due to hereditary factors isn't as high as other factors, its manifestations will be worse when accompanied by the presence of other risks, such as obesity and diabetes.

Recently, trend of high cholesterol also affects children and adolescents. This trend is feared going to be a forerunner to health problems, especially heart. Although heredity isn't the sole cause, their diet and lifestyle can't be separated from the prevailing pattern in the family.

Therefore, early examination of cholesterol in children and adolescents becomes important for immediate prevention, moreover, if the parents of patients with high cholesterol have a history of heart disease.

That the obese has normal cholesterol, it actually means, she's not completely free of problems. The reason is, the study stated, the incidence of some diseases, such as heart, stroke, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, increased uric acid, and gallstones were more often found in obese people.

So, avoid health problems caused by high cholesterol. The easy and practical initial steps are to maintain body weights within normal with a combination of healthy and balanced menus, with sufficient and regular physical activity.

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