Six Facts of Online Matchmaking

1. Matchmaker on internet not coward, loser

So far, there's a stigma that matchmakers on the internet are usually those who don't sell in the real world. The fact isn't so. Finding a mate on the internet is solely a matter of choice in the method of the digital-paced modern world. The world is now different from ten years ago.

2. Matchmaker on internet uses best photographs more beautiful than original

This can easily be understood. With lighting, angles, and good shooting technique, shots can indeed look prettier or more handsome than the original. Not to mention engineering drawings with a program such as Photoshop. Acne can seem smooth; a dark-faced can look sleek; a sassy could look elegant thus increasing the possibility of falling in love at first click. The bad side is, sometimes, after the two sides meet, each one feels disappointed that the acquaintance isn't in accordance with the previously imagined.

3. Matchmaker on internet ever lies

The lie isn't always severe. Most often is a medium lie such as displaying the data profiles that look better than the original. Internet, by their very nature so easily filled out and edited, gives the ease to users to falsify data. Internet can make people forget that he's falling in love with an image or writing, not to the person as a whole.

4. People choose potential mates on elements in common

This is a tendency of match in the real world that doesn't much changed in cyberspace. The saying goes, "Hornbills to hornbills, finches to finches." Only a small proportion choose a partner based on the element of difference because of the aim to complement each other.

5. Online matchmaking enlarges difference in age, residence

Although some people think to look for a local partner, online dating in general still increases the odds of a difference. It's easy to understand because the internet is free from geographical boundaries. People from the eastern hemisphere meet the western. Couple with different cities, even countries, is increasingly prevalent.

6. Matchmaker on internet has tendency to relation-shopping

They're looking at the product catalog. They check so many profiles just to choose a bit explored such as selecting a packet of chocolate in the window of the convenience store.

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