Quickly Sped Career

Are you a career woman? Sure, you crave a brilliant career with a growing income. To go that way, it's not as easy as turning the hand. Sometimes, someone was already working hard and excelled, but, in fact, a promotion was very difficult to obtain.

It also makes Viana not believe. A woman aged 35 years that has a career in the marketing division of a reputed company in Jakarta was disappointed because she didn't enter again in the list of employees who got promoted.

In fact, this energetic woman is known as a hard worker and, therefore, always hits the target. For some reason, her career is like a path in place.

"What is my flaw?" Complained Viana miserably.

Indeed, many factors that can support a person to have a brilliant career. One of them is an education or knowledge that corresponds to the occupied areas. In addition, you also have to love the job.

"If we've liked a job, we definitely have a spirit and loyalty to the company. Any work will be enjoyed." Said Yusni Marlina, a facilitator of MarkPlus, Inc.

Although you're in love with your job, you still have to be professional.

"Just because you're happy with your work, overtime is nothing if it's not paid. Your work should be appreciated so that it benefited the company as well as your own." Continued Yusni.

Another thing that can propel your career, according to Yusni, is innovations. Each company really likes employees rich with innovations and bright ideas that can benefit the company. How does you want your career to skyrocket when you've just relied on the company's operational standards? Your work will be a standard, just so-so.

Therefore, start innovating by presenting good ideas to the boss.

"If the idea was okay, definitely, your boss would appreciate, and you'd get a thumbs-up." Suggested Yusni.

To get the good ideas, it's not necessarily from formal education. You can follow the workshop, access the internet, or read books. It's equally important to hang out and open the widest network as well as discussions with many people. Brilliant ideas will inevitably emerge. You're ready to make positive changes in the company.

Self-assurance is another moment that can be applied to boost a career. Don't let happen, you've got lots of ideas but not able to implement it.

"The next moves are professional, honest, hard-working, responsible, and disciplined." Explained Yusni.

At first glance, these characteristics seem cliché. In fact, they had to be owned by every employee. Therefore, these parts of the equation determine one's career.

Yusni pointed out discipline, both time and work. What company would want to accept the employee that always comes late? Because of no discipline, the work was never completed on time. If it's on time, it's just to meet the target. In the quality, the work isn't satisfactory.

Yusni was sure, employees who practiced the moves above, their career were quickly rising. The conditions are, the company where they work is healthy and don't apply corruption, collusion, and nepotism.

What about the family-owned company? In this company, it's rather difficult to hope careers skyrocketed quickly. Therefore, the owner of the company will be more concerned with close people to occupy strategic positions. Do you work in a company like that?

"It's better to move the work to another company able to appreciate the quality of one's work." Suggested Yusni.

If all the above tactics and requirements are met, but a career is still stuck, try introspection. Evaluate again your attitude or trait for this. You know, many people are smart and versatile, but their attitude aren't good, such as self-centered, selfish, often hurting others, stealing or plagiarizing other people's idea or work, and so on.

You know, before promoting someone, leaders often ask the consideration of the employees, none other than your own friends. If your attitude in the environment isn't favored, how can you get supports from friends?

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