Proper Way to Drink ORS

Aspecific diarrhea is a very common disease. The causes are eating chilies or other stimulating, viruses, staphylococcus bacteria toxin in spoiled food, intolerance to milk, and so on.

This article doesn't discuss the specific diarrhea caused by the amoeba, dysentery bacteria, or intestinal inflammation that requires special treatment.

Arguably, almost all people have experienced aspecific diarrhea which usually stops on its own without treatment. However, this type of diarrhea can also be a chronic, even sometimes results in serious complications, when not treated properly.

Diarrhea that occurs only a few times a day and stops in one to two days doesn't require special handling. However, when defecation occurs eight to fifteen times a day accompanied by stomach pains and lots of liquid stool, then we need vigilant.

The greatest danger is the loss of body fluids and salts, particularly sodium and potassium, especially, if it happens to days. In the elderly and infants, loss of body fluids easily ends up with dehydration, even not rarely in death.

However, such an extreme event is easily preventable. Isn't diarrhea actually easier to treat?

Treatment with oral rehydration salts (ORS) is the greatest invention of our time. Unfortunately, many doctors and patients aren't aware to use this simple drug since the beginning. Apparently, ORS is considered not directly to stop the diarrhea, even able to induce vomiting. All of these happen because the publication of how to use ORS correctly isn't just enough.

Generally, the ORS is drunk by mixing a sachet into a glass of water and gulped once. What often happens, the patient then vomits and is willing to defecate. Why is this so? It's because the way to drink ORS is wrong.

Supposedly, the correct way is: ORS is sipped bit by bit two to three times then stopped for three minutes. This gives the opportunity for ORS absorbed by the intestine to replace lost salts and fluids in the stool.

So, this procedure is repeated continuously until the glass runs out. If severe diarrhea still continues, drinking ORS should be done until a few wrappers or cups a day. With proper way to drink, ORS will usually stop the diarrhea quickly and efficiently.

Another treatment is usually not necessary. Stopping diarrhea artificially with drugs containing loperamide isn't recommended because these drugs work like morphine or codeine, i.e. to stop intestinal peristalsis motion and let the dirty contents rage in. It can cause tremendous stomachache. In infants or the elderly, it can be very dangerous. That's why, the drug isn't over-the-counter. Its use should be under the supervision of a doctor.

Furthermore, keep in mind. Basically, diarrhea is the body's natural mechanism to release the rotten contents of the intestine. If the colon is clean, the diarrhea will stop on its own.

Adding drugs containing bismuth salts, attapulgite, or kaolin are also permissible as long as not excessive. Bismuth salts are also useful to eliminate bloating that often accompanies diarrhea. Antibiotics for diarrhea are generally not necessary because they're redundant and can often prolong.

In addition to drug use, diet needs well regulated. Stop for a while drinking milk and coconut milk, eating vegetables or fruits too many, and especially the sauce.

With the treatment of diarrhea as above, do you believe that more than a half of the cases of aspecific diarrhea will be handled by people with an inexpensive and effective way?

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