Prevent Hair Loss

Actually, hair loss is normal because it has a life cycle. A single hair can last to grow for three to five years in a healthy scalp. Within one month, the hair can grow approximately 12 millimeters. If it's not cut, the hair will grow continuously before finally falling out and having new growth on the same pore.

In normal life, hair experiences three stages of growth:

The first is the anagen phase which lasts about three to five years. In this phase, the hair is actively growing longer.

The second is the catagen phase which lasts between three to four weeks. At this stage, the growth of the hair cells are slowly starting to slow down before stopping.

The third is the telogen phase which lasts for three to four months. At this stage, the hair follicles shrink and move off the surface of the scalp.

After passing the third phase, the new hair will grow back to replace the fallen. This growth cycle takes up four years and can be repeated as many as 25 times.

The problem is, the normal phase isn't smooth. There are obstacles. Unhealthy, oily, and dandruffy scalp, unstable body hormones during pregnancy or after childbirth, the consumption of certain drugs, stress, and too much exposure to cosmetic products trigger premature hair loss.

Another factor that can't be ignored, which can lead to permanent hair loss, is heredity. You that do have a hair loss lineage are necessary to prevent early. Adequate intake of biotin abundant in the liver, nuts, milk, yogurt, egg yolks, and cereal.

Thus, the normal hair loss recently becomes a problem if the amount is more than 100 strands per day. To prevent hair loss, the following recipes can be tried:

Take ripe tamarind flesh. Add a little water while squeezing. Once dissolved evenly, filter with a piece of cloth. Rub the juice to the entire scalp with a mild massage. Take a few moments, and then the hair is washed with shampoo.

Take a handful of leaves of hibiscus with a white flowers. Rinse and then mill smooth. Add one cup of water as kneaded evenly. Squeeze and strain. The distillation water is used to moisten the scalp and hair while massaged lightly. Allow to infuse for one hour. Then the hair is rinsed with clean water. Do it every day until you see the results.

One-fourth kilograms of hazelnut meat is grounded finely. Then put into the pot. Add one cup of water while stirring until evenly distributed. The mixture is then heated over a flame until boiling out the oil. Once cooled, squeeze and filter with a piece of cloth to take the oil. This oil is then simmered again. Once cooled, hazelnut oil is rubbed onto the scalp. Do it two to three times a week.

Five to ten pieces of old saucer-leaf is washed and grounded finely. Add a little coconut oil while stirring until becoming a dough like mush. Strain and squeeze. The juice is applied to the scalp with a mild massage. Evenly, cover head with a towel so that the resulting heat will moisturize the scalp and hair. Let stand for one hour. Then rinse with warm water. Furthermore, wash it clean. Perform two to three times a week.

Take a piece of white skin of watermelon. Rub on the scalp evenly. Do it in the afternoon, and leave it overnight. The next morning, wash thoroughly. Perform one to two times a week.

30 pieces of fresh sea hibiscus leaves and 20 pieces of fresh kapok leaves are washed and grounded into powder. Add two tablespoons of castor oil and the juice of one lemon while stirring until evenly distributed. Filter with a piece of cloth as squeezed. The distillation water is used to rub the scalp with a mild massage. Perform in the afternoon after a shower, and wrap hair in a towel or a piece of cloth. The next day, the hair is washed. Do it three times a week.

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