No Milk, Substitute Okay

If you're someone who doesn't like milk, you may need to consume dairy products every day.

The lack of milk consumption will lead to brittle bones ranging in age from the 50s. Especially, in adulthood, milk is vital for the formation of dense bone because it's an excellent source of calcium.

Another danger not to like drinking milk is to affect the body's metabolism. Milk contains animal protein with a complete amino acid whose function is to form the body. Not only that, milk also contains vitamins and minerals beneficial to the body.

If you don't like milk, you have to look for dairy products. Minimum should be consumed per day at a dose of one cup of milk.

Dairy products are, for example, spaghetti, ice cream, tiramisu, lasagna, and milk biscuits. If you fear of fat, consume non-fat or low-fat dairy products.

Milk doesn't make fat when consumed as directed. What makes fat is the fried and excessive sugar consumption.

What about soy milk and mung beans? Are they possible to change the content of calcium like milk? Soy milk and mung beans contain plant proteins instead of animal. So, automatically, the foods can't meet the needs of the animal protein in the body.

However, vegetable protein is also needed by the body. Moreover is when consumed by the animal protein because the function in the body would be optimal, such as forming hemoglobin, replacing damaged cells, producing enzymes, forming blood, and so on.

Pregnant women are very important to consume milk each day unless infant growth wouldn't be optimal. It needs to watch out for vegetarian pregnant women, milk and eggs should still be consumed.

To familiarize the consumption of milk, children need introduced early.

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