Never Skip Exercises

Almost everyone is aware of the importance of sports to improve the health and physical fitness. Sports are believed to strengthen the heart, lungs, and muscles, reduce body fat and stroke complaints, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Unfortunately, many don't realize or care that the exercise should be done routinely.

When not done continuously, physical fitness that had been increased potentially down again. You know, in just two to three weeks after exercise routine is abandoned, the body's ability will decrease approximately 20 to 30 percent. Body feels unfit, lethargic, and the likes. When absent in a matter of months or years, the condition of the body would be weaker.

How do you restore a lost healthy and fresh body? One of them, yes, is with exercise, but make no mistake by exercising a full day non-stop to make up the wasted exercise hours in the past. It's called, you torture yourself.

If you do for a long time not exercise and want to start back activities that nourish the body, begin by strengthening the determination.

Don't be like the old time. This time, prepare a special time that can be used to exercise a permanent basis. If the exercise is done in a sport club, ask a coach or instructor always to remind you on the training schedule.

Remember also, you have to start from zero. That means, the body's ability after a long period not to exercise can't be equated with the condition while still diligently exercising.

Typically, in fitness club, the spirit of practicing will grow manifold, especially after meeting old friends. Which must be kept in mind, your old friends may have been much fitter for more consistent to maintain fitness.

So, don't equate your training loads. For starters, exercise for 30 minutes. Form of exercise is tailored to the physical abilities and body condition.

Don't forget to warm up and stretch before starting the exercise. As known, exercise requires cardiovascular work that serves as a provider of oxygen. With warming, cardiovascular function can be optimized so that the activities and benefits of exercise go as planned.

Perform aerobic exercise without being pushy and not too tiring. To be considered, don't make panting. Avoid also exercise that contains a lot of explosive movements, such as football, badminton, or tennis because it'd burden the heart and joints.

If you want to do weight training, start with a very light load. After that, if you feel able, increase the load gradually. Repetition is done your best.

Just like when you start the exercise, do also stretch after completing to reduce muscle pain. It may also be ended with a massage so that the muscles recover faster.

Lastly, do exercises regularly about three to five times a week with a duration between 20 to 60 minutes per workout. More importantly, don't try defaulted to exercise back!

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