Lack Water, Kidney Problematic?

It could be true or not. So, don't believe that the lack of water intake causes kidney problems. The lack of drinking water that leads to kidney is a myth but also has a point.

When human renal function is normal, it's no need to worry lacks of fluids. At most, the only lost three percent of body fluids lead to dehydration and cognitive impairment. It's recommended to drink two liters of water per day for the balance of the body.

However, when a person is exposed to renal impairment, for example, already reached stage two or three, the person shouldn't dehydrate. When dehydrated, it'll worsen the kidney pain. Kidney stone patients are encouraged to drink three liters per day due to produce a volume of two liters of urine.

This is in contrast to those over the age of 60 years. For this group, it's advisable to abstain from drinking too much water, approximately one to one and a half liters per day. Precisely, when too much, it'd decrease the concentration of sodium in the blood that results in kidney disorders.

Meanwhile, based on research, women more need water than men. Ideally is two liters of water per day but women could reach two to two and a half liters per day. Physiological shape and hormonal influences cause fluid needs in women higher.

A woman's body has more fat bulges than man's. Body fluid balance in women need considered carefully because when dehydrated, women will be more irritable, lost of concentration, fatigued, and impaired of activities.

Another way to prevent kidney disease is to reduce the consumption of drugs, such as multivitamins, pain medications, and slimming herbs. If we've been eating regularly with balanced nutrition, it's no need to add vitamins.

The drugs would be more easily to damage the kidneys. If you wanna take medications, consult your doctor.

Meanwhile, to prevent kidney diseases, in addition to adopt a healthy lifestyle, one needs to perform laboratory tests before the age of 30 years. The tests include blood pressure, blood sugar, urine, and others.

Symptoms that can be recognized if a person suffering from kidney disease are legs and lower eyelids swollen with high intensity.

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