Drink Water before Bed

Don't you think, drinking water doesn't have the danger. Water is harmful to the body when consumed in excess. Fresh water is easily absorbed into the blood vessels. When absorption into the blood vessels is excessive, it'll disrupt the work of the heart and kidneys. That is, the burden of heart and kidneys will be more severe and result in the disruption.

Ideally, water is consumed two liters per day but, of course, adjusted for physical activity. The more the activity you do, the more the consumption of water you need. Consumption of two liters per day is done in stages. The gradual times are as you wake up, before and after breakfast, and when on the move, drink one glass.

Don't drink water just when you feel thirsty. Dehydration could threaten the body. When deficiency is only 1.3 percent of body fluids, the brain works can be slow. Because of that, it needs the habit of drinking water regularly and according to the needs of the body.

Drinking water is also carried out before and after you wake up. Why is that? At bedtime, water evaporates out the body. The water is used for the body's metabolism which helps other organs like the heart and brain. After waking up, automatically, body lacks water. Therefore, it's recommended to drink a glass of water to replace lost fluids.

Anyway, any water is discharged through urination, we should drink more water to keep the balance of the body.

Water good for the body is that contains minerals. Water isn't enough for the body because it still needs minerals. The minerals serve to make our muscles move.

The habit of drinking water hasn't been entrenched. Because of the busyness, people sometimes forget to consider their body, including drinking water. Drinking water should be done as early as possible. The trick is to get used in a period of six to eight weeks strictly. After eight weeks, you'd consume without prompting.

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