Different Sensation of Sensual Massage

After years of fostering home, sometimes, a husband and wife realized, there was saturation in their intimate relationships. Couples who a few years ago promised to live together until death were no longer passionate in romance. In fact, with a bit of sensual touch, passion fire can be rekindled.

Sensual massage isn't just useful to increase spouses' sexual desire but also eliminate muscle tension and achieve maximum quality of orgasm. However, before doing this fantastic massage, couples should pay attention to the following matters:

1. Set a long massage. Don't do in a limited time. Because of something done in a hurry, the result wouldn't be satisfactory.

2. Do it in a good physical condition slowly, gently, and patiently, especially, on the parts considered sensitive to excite.

3. Decide where to do it. This place problem greatly affects the mood. Therefore, sensual massage requires a comfortable place. Make it a different atmosphere than usual, for example, with candlelight and aromatherapy-fragrant spread.

4. Prepare support equipments such as lotion and new bed linens. Choose sheets made from so comfortable cotton. Nothing wrong is to spread fragrance around the place doing a sensual massage. To be more natural nuances, you can also put flowers such as tuberose, rose, or jasmine.

5. No need is to have to take off all clothes. Man usually only wears panties while woman wears minimalist. The bottom line is, those clothes don't interfere with the massage ritual. The most important thing is a different sensation. Woman should choose her preferred outfit.

6. Massage for woman should be fun and sensational. Do it with a casual and relaxed manner, and feel every part of her body like a regular rhythm, calm and fun. The touched areas are the buttocks, legs, face, breasts, abdomen, and vagina. While massaging, occasionally look at the reaction of your wife. Does she enjoy it? Repeat slowly and a little naughty.

7. If the wife feels uncomfortable such as amused, finely say to the husband as not eliminating the mood. Tell it mildly while guiding his hands to the desired direction.

8. For massaging husband, first of all the wife needs to know is a map of man's sensitive regions. How to massage is different. Buttocks are zones easily aroused for man, then, the face, shoulders, chin, and the area of the penis.

9. Openness in terms of massaging is very necessary, especially, to the like and dislike areas because each person has different erotic zones. How to massage must be known by each spouse. So, inevitably, the couple should be more communicative.

10. The duration of these sensual massage activities is free depending on individual needs.

Mutual massage activity can also bring partner's inner relationship in addition to function as foreplay. When done in the right place and mood, massage will automatically facilitate sexual intercourse. Massage also exercises patience, especially, of the man in order not to the point in having sex.

The patience will ultimately also improve the quality of sexual relationships. Women generally love the slow but sure relationship. Until this moment for some men, women remain a mystery including the sexuality side. However, it's actually because men did still not understand how to take care of their feelings and emotions after entering the home level.

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