CAPD Therapy for Kidney Failure

Are you convicted to suffer kidney failure? Don't you want bothered with the affairs of dialysis in the hospital? You need to try the renal replacement therapy, Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD).

This therapy isn't popular in Indonesia, sunk by hemodialysis therapy and transplantation. In Thailand, CAPD is recommended for patients with renal failure.

Director of PGI Hospital, Jakarta, Dr. Tunggul D. Situmorang, Sp.P.D., stated that there were many benefits from this therapy, among other things, the active toxic substances were released by the body because it was done 24 hours a day; hemoglobin was higher, thus, enhancing the quality of life; risk of hepatitis was small because it could be done by the patients, and the patients were able to carry out their activities without being disturbed.

CAPD is done independently by the patient as many as three times per day by placing a catheter in the abdomen. The catheter is used to remove fluid and toxins from the body. Each CAPD takes 30 minutes.

Dr. Tunggul continued, as done by the patient, it needed disciplines of the patient. These disciplines are, such as washing hands before inserting the CAPD system, using a mask to cover the mouth, as well as maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

"This CAPD tends to have a little contradiction. Infection may arise if the patient doesn't adhere to the rules of hygiene installation. Don't worry about this therapy because, prior, the patient will be trained." Said Tunggul.

CAPD therapy can be performed on all patients with varyingly chronic renal failure. However, for patients after undergoing surgery in the abdominal area and susceptible to interference on the skin of the abdomen, it's not recommended to use this therapy because they could be infected.

Compared with other treatments, CAPD is relatively cheaper. Initial cost is $200, and per month is $400-500. Compare with transplants that require an initial cost $18,000-45,000 while per month is to be out of $500-600.

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